Tokyo Thyme – little gem in Kerrisdale

Nov 20, 2010 Saturday – Snow

It was a snowy Saturday. I took the bus to meet up with my little sister for lunch in our old neighbourhood. I read about this small Japanese restaurant in Kerrisdale from a few local blogs and Urbanspoon. It was just opening up when we walked in at noon. There were 2 other customers inside already. We were excited to see the retro and cute decor with unique chairs and light fixtures.




While catching up with my sister, we scanned through the menu quickly and ordered the following to test out their sushi: tamago, tobiko and toro.

Sushi at Tokyo Thyme was a flatter block compare to sushi from other places. They were still tasty and the toro and tobiko was fresh regardless but I prefer the shape and texture of traditional nirgiri sushi.

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