Girls night out at Phnom Penh and The Diamond

Nov 21, 2010 – Cold

Two weeks ago, 3 of us decided that we haven’t had a girls night out for a while and set a Sunday night to do some catching up. I wanted to try out the drinks and desserts at Bao Bei in Chinatown so I set up the plan to first go to Phnom Penh and fill ourselves up with the good old deep fried garlic and chili chicken wings first before we head for more snacks and drinks.

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie on Urbanspoon

So 6:30 I was early and saw the HUGE line up at Phnom Penh. But we got our table after a short wait. Thinking back, I still feel pretty stupid about it. My friend noticed that there was no light from Bao Bei and later on we found out that it wasn’t open on Sundays… @@ I am usually the one who research and read about places that I want to try before head. I even know what I wanted to order from their menu but I missed their closing days.

Anyway, back to food! The Shrimp Salad Roll was served first and it was alright. The rice wrap was a bit on the dry side but the dipping sauce was pretty good.

I hadn’t had their Garlic and Chili Chicken Wings for over 4 years. They are still as tasty as I remembered them. Ammm… Garlicky, salty and crispy skin! Hard to say no to one!

And yes, we ordered Butter Beef. The lightly seared beef was served carpaccio style, thinly sliced and dressed with a garlic soy vinaigrette piled with cilantro. I love sour food and I love the Butter Beef. I wonder where the name “Butter” comes in this dish?

We also had the Lemon grass Pork Chop on rice with Shredded pork and Vietnamese ham. The pork chop was tender and tasty and I like shredded pork (which is mostly pork skin). And yes, we cannot finish this dish. 😛

Since Bao Bei was not open, we picked The Diamond in Gastown which is a short drive from Chinatown.

We ordered drinks and desserts and stayed there for 3 hours, enjoying ourselves with the well missed girls’ talk.

My server suggested both of my drinks and they were both tasty. (I don’t like sweet and fruity cocktails)

We shared two desserts and they were alright. The Panna Cotta was not bad but not memorable. I like those from Campagnolo and … I missed panna cotta from Parkside.

We didn’t like the Tropical Parfait. It had tapioca at the bottom with coconut milk, chopped mango and papaya in the middle and was topped with passion fruit cream. The tapioca was a bit dry, and I cannot taste much passion fruit flavor from the cream. The small glass cup made it really hard to mix the ingredients together and the bottom layer of tapioca tasted boring by itself. We didn’t finish this dessert at the end.

Service was good and friendly and we enjoyed our time there.  The Diamond is a great place to chat and drink and we will come back again. May be we can try some small dishes from their food menu next time.

Phnom Penh on Urbanspoon The Diamond on Urbanspoon


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