My first visit to the Baker’s Market

Dec 4, 2010 Saturday – Sunny

I wanted to visit the Baker’s Market since I heard about it from my friend. And I finally went last Saturday. It’s hosted at the Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village.

I was so excited when I got there and start sampling and buying all kinds of baked goodies. I did bring my own shopping bag but I forgot to bring a container. I was so glad that lady from “Joy of Caking” had boxes for her cupcakes. ^_^ I got a chocolate cupcake with strawberry cream icing as a mini birthday cake for my friend at dinner that night and she was really happy with the cute and tasty cupcake.

I also got some mint chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend from the same baker. I bought some baked truffles from “Chef Kev”, two packs of biscottini from “Biscotteria di Sofia”, marshmallows from “Kimberley’s Kitchen” and ginger snaps from “Bah!”.

It wasn’t really packed when I arrived at 11:30 a.m. but I did noticed the crowd by the time I left a bit past noon. I wanted to stay longer but I was afraid that I may buy more than I can eat. So I am planning to return next Saturday (Dec 11, 2010) which is the last day of the event this year.  I planned to get some cannele from “Cannele and Honeybun” and more cupcakes from Joy. But the warning is that not every single table has tasty goodies. So getting samples is a good way to pick what you like there.

Here are some pictures of the bakers:


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