Brunch at The Whip

Dec 04, 2010 Saturday – Sunny

After visiting the Baker’s Market with my friends, we headed off to The Whip on E. 6th for brunch. The Whip is on E. 6th and Main. A new condo is being built across from the restaurant so we had to park 2 blocks from the it. Since it was a nice day, it’s nice to have a walk.

We ordered our drinks and I got the Driftwood White Bark Ale (Victoria) from the tap. It’s in an interesting pale yellow cloudy colour. It had a medium body and was herbal, spicy and yet fruity with a bitter citrus finish. I think it actually tasted sweet and fresh (vs bottled version). A very good beer for brunch ^_^. Sorry I already had a few sip before I remember to take the picture.

My friend R saw mussels on the special menu board up at the front and quickly decided on that. It took a while for me and C to decide on our food but we ended up picking the SAME thing. LOL Yam and Potato Hash with Chorizo and Mushroom.

I added a poached egg to mine. Our yam hash was good with sweet yam bites and spicy chorizo but it did get boring after eating half of it. I used some of the yolk to moisten the hash and actually finished the whole dish!

R found out that the restaurant was only serving items on their brunch menu, so he picked the Shrimp, Pesto and Feta Omelette. I didn’t get a good picture of it which only show the white toasts and fruit on the side. R said that he really enjoy this omelette! The shrimps were fresh and feta and pesto made this fluffy omelette super tasty. (Omelette is on my list for my next visit at The Whip)

During the meal, I entertained myself by reading the extended drink menu from the Whip and no wonder my sister (a beer lover) visits this place regularly. May be I can drop by and surprise/embarrass her. LOL

Service was friendly and the price was really reasonable. $9 each for the brunch items that we ordered and ~$5 for the beer. 

The outside would be nice in a warm summer day and hopefully the condo would be finished by then….

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3 thoughts on “Brunch at The Whip

    1. I walked by it a few times after my “painful spine doctor visits” and never got to eat there. I almost went there with my sister but we decided to go to Tokyo Thyme instead because of the snow. Mentioned that to my sis, and found out she is a regular there @@. Brunch selection was good. Benny, french toast, waffles, fruits…etc

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