Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

November 28, Sunday – cloudy

I couldn’t believe that it took so long for us to discovered this little Japanese Restaurant few blocks from our home. I was browsing restaurants in my neighborhood on Urbanspoon and read the review of Kiriri by Poor Food-e. On a random Sunday afternoon, D finally wasn’t craving for Vietnamese Pho. So I got to pick our lunch place and we went to Kiriri .

We were presently surprised by the decor inside because the outside of this restaurant in a strip mall doesn’t look like much.

As usual we ordered few pieces of sushi to test out the restaurant. We also each got a lunch set from the menu.

For sushi, we got Tamago, Saba and Toro:

The Tamago sushi was delicious. House made sweet egg omelette was fluffy and still tasted fresh. However, the Saba and Toro sushi was only OK. They were fresh but they were just ordinary grade fish. Since they only cost $1.50 and $2 per piece, I think the restaurant had to use lower grade fish. However, they have a white board with daily fresh fish (most of them shipped from Japan), I still have high hope on them.

I ordered the Saba Shio lunch set. (I love saba) And the set came with miso soup, rice and 2 side dishes.

I was impressed with this dish. The sea salt (Shio) saba was grilled nicely so the fresh was tender and the skin crisp. The slice of lotus root and wedge of lime gave this dish a nice attentive touch. The carrot and gobo (Japanese burdock) salad was crunchy and fragrant with sesame oil. Kinpira Gobo is a classic Japanese lunch set side dish but not commonly served in North American Japanese restaurant.

D ordered the Pork Katsu Set which was the deep fried pork tenderloin with rice. Since they used tenderloin instead of a fattier cut, the pork was less juicy (fatty?) but still very tender. The shredded cabbage salad was very fresh. I ended up eating most of the cabbage from D’s dish since he is not really a vegetable lover and I don’t want to waste the good salad. The dipping sauce was tangy and tasty but I cannot tell if it’s a store bought sauce or made in house.

We were both very happy with our lunch sets and we saw the Japanese ladies sitting next to us ordered FANCY $20 Kaiseki lunch set. I think we wanted to try that next time when we go there for lunch again!

Our bill came to around $25 which is very reasonable. My grilled saba was only $6.50!

Service was very attentive and our servers spoke Japanese to each other (includimg the Caucasian girl who is fluent) and to most of the other Japanese customers.

I already planned to return for dinner soon and I actually did few days after with D and two girl friends. ^_^ Stay tune for the Kiriri dinner note!

190 – 8780 Blundell Road, Richmond (Closed on Mondays)

Tel: 778 297 433

Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


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