The Cellar turned into a tablao for a night!

December 4, 2010 Saturday – Rainy

The Cellar, a popular Jazz Club in Vancouver, has been around for a while. I went there a few times for Jazz shows and for celebration with my friends. It’s a very great place to listen to live Jazz but I never remember how their food was. After visiting the Baker’s Market and The Whip for brunch, I continue with my busy day and celebrated my friend’s birthday at The Cellar. We attended a very enjoyable Flamenco show that night.

We arrived at 6:30 and ordered drinks and wine but I didn’t try their cocktail that night. We also shared the following appetizers:

Antipasto with great olives, goat cheese balls, smoked salmon, prosciutto, melon cubes, grapes, mozzarella, tomato, grilled sweet pepper and crackers. Great dish to start and to share with.

We also ordered Yam Fries and Risotto Cakes. They are crispy and tasty without being greasy (no dripping oil on plate after we finished both dishes)

We then ordered more drinks and our entrées. D had the Lamb Shank with Curry Spiced Sauce. I had a small bite from it and it’s very tender and the curry spice wasn’t over powering. The sauce tasted very much like the lamb stew au jus with hint of the curry spice. yum!

I had the Beef Striploin with Blue Cheese Butter. The steak was done medium rare as my request and had the nice charred on the outside. It was so great that even after I left it sitting for half an hour (we stopped eating when the dance went on!) and resumed it still tasted great. D took half of the steak off my plant before the dance started and really enjoyed it as well. He usually eat half of my food order plus his own. 😛

My friends ordered the Pork Tenderloin with Tamarind and the Risotto. I had a bite of the tenderloin but I didn’t remember how it tasted because the show started right at that moment!

The flamenco singing and dancing by Cuadro Flamenco was so passionate, emotional and it moved your heart! We were all doing our ¡Ole! and clapping. It almost felt like we were at a tablao in Spain! The special guest singer Momi de Cadiz from Spain was amazing!

At the break, the server helped us to bring out a cupcake I got from the Baker’s Market earlier that day and we shyly sang the birthday song. G, the birthday girl, was happy with the song and the cake. (At least I hope so)

Here are some pictures taken during the show:

The Cellar is a great place to eat and to listen to music (Jazz and more). Although their menu is not even found on their website, they served great food and drinks and the serviced was very attentive. We used 3 Groupons for this event and didn’t have a single problem with the server at all. (no attitude or lack of service which did happen in some places when coupons were used) It was a very enjoyable night.

The Cellar Restaurant and Jazz Club

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