Dinner at Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

December 3, Friday – light rain

Since our first lunch discovery of Kiriri, we wanted to return and try out more food there for dinner. My friend P was craving Japanese food and dinner with her and K were long overdue. So we  decided to meet there on Friday, less than a week from our first visit.

K and us arrived first at the restaurant and compared to last time, the restaurant looked pretty full. We were taken to our table and given hot green tea right away. Shortly, P messaged us that she will be late from her shopping across the border. So we decided to order a warm sake and a few appetizers while we were waiting for her.

We got the Maguro Yamakake (raw tuna with grated yamaimo – mountain yam) . It’s served in a very small but pretty bowl. The dark sauce and the addition of enoki mushroom was different from other restaurants. The tuna was very fresh and soft. We love the slippery, gooey texture of the grated mountain yam which is an acquired texture. It’s similar to the slimy texture of raw egg with rice.

Seared Duck Breast was tender and very well seasoned. We tried eating it with and without the sauce and both options were tasty. K especially liked it and opt for the last slice on the plate.

My favourite of the 3 appies was the Deep Fried Fish Marinated in Vinegar (Shishamo Nanban). Small smelt was freshly deep fried and was still warm. The vinegar sauce was very balance and wasn’t overly salty nor sour nor sweet. A very refreshing and tasty dish.

P arrived at this point and we asked for the daily fresh board and ordered the following mostly from the daily specials (special as availably not for the price ;P ):

Ika (squid) sashimi cut into thin strips and served on ice (similar to cold noodle). This was a creation by the chef to resamble the cold Inaniwa Udon. And we did slurp the sweet cold squid pieces down dipping in the sauce like cold noodle. Very unique dish and I will order it again if I see it on the daily special .

K and P ordered the East Coast Uni Nigiri Sushi ($4 each I think…) and D and I ordered the Kohada sushi!!! We love Kohada and not many places have them. While the server was reading down the list of fresh sheet in Japanese and English, I heard something that I liked but wasn’t sure. So I asked him to rewind. LOL Yeap, it was the kohada that I was trying to catch from the list.

The sushi was fresh but for the Kohada, they were not as good as those from Sushi Hachi. P said her uni was good but she couldn’t tell the difference between local uni and the east coast version.

We also had the Deep Fried Squid Tentacles and Deep Fried Special Chicken Roll. Both small but very tasty and were blotted clean from oil before they were served. Crunchy outside, soft and juicy inside.

The half order of Saba Battera was the best sushi we had the night. These pressed sushi pieces were firm but overly so. The saba tasted better and fresher than the saba nigiri sushi that we had few days ago. The rice was nicely flavoured too.

At this point, I was almost full. But my girlfriends and D were still hungry. (I am so jealous of all my girlfriends. They can eat a lot more than me but still stay so slim!!) Anyway, we order some more food to fill up:

Ikura, red tuna, tamago and hamachi sushi (fresh but not outstanding)

Assorted Tempura (nicely done! Light crispy batter and fresh ingredients)

Inaniwa Udon served in warm soup (very thin udon. tasty Dashi broth with sliced deep-fried tofu sheets/abura age and shitake mushrooms. Inaniwa udon had a lovely texture)

D’s Katsudon (liked the slightly runny egg and the sauce. The pork cutlet looked crunchy.)

Damage of the meal wasn’t as bad as we though. It’s $40 per person including tax and a good tip. It’s a very enjoyable night and I got to know the food at Kiriri more with the help of my friends.

190 – 8780 Blundell Road, Richmond (Closed on Mondays)

Tel: 778 297 433

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