Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

January 16, Sunday – Cloudy

After our depressing meal at Bob Like Thai Food, I really need something to bring my mood up. So we decided to visit Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France just around the corner on E 22nd and Main.

Both inside and outside of this little chocolate store was very nicely decorated. It felt like a corner somewhere in Europe instead of Vancouver.

They used glass jars and plates to hold chocolate truffles. All the chocolate looked so pretty and tasty! Continue reading “Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France”


Q Go Ramen

December 11, Saturday – Sunny

I had an appointment near Broadway and Granville and need to find a place for lunch alone. So I decided to try out Q Go Ramen (95?). It’s a small restaurant with simple decor. Different from other Ramen joints, I was served with water and a small bowl of edamame soon after I was seated. Continue reading “Q Go Ramen”

Winter Farmers Market Visit #2

January 22, Saturday – Sunny

I went to the farmers market again this Saturday. Since my last visit, most of the food that I’ve purchased had been consumed. (except the tuna) I also finished up using eggs at home and was ready to get some organic free range eggs. My friends R and C were there earlier (in another word, we were late) and we met up and quickly went through some food stalls.

I tried the vegetarian pizza from Whistler Wood Fired Pizza Co. which IMO was very tasty but D didn’t like plain vegetable pizza. To him, without meat, pizza really wasn’t pizza.

Continue reading “Winter Farmers Market Visit #2”

Bob Likes Thai Food

January 15, Sunday – Cloudy

I had read raving reviews about “Bob Likes Thai Food” since October 2010. I wanted to try it for a few months and finally get to go last Sunday. I think in general, this is the wrong thing to do, trying out a restaurant with such a high expectation. Everyone was talking about how authentic it is and the result was a big disappointment. I mean if I had no expectation and ran into this little Thai restaurant then I may actually like my meal. Continue reading “Bob Likes Thai Food”

Winter Farmers Market

January 8, Saturday– sunny and cold

I heard about the Winter Farmers Market from my friend, K, on Facebook. Her friends are running “Off the Wagon“,  a travelling taco trailer quoted from their Facebook page. They were at the Winter Farmers Market on Saturday. After a few months’ break from the vegetables from my CSA farm, I was starting to miss the local organic vegetables. So I decided to go and take a look.

Winter Farmers Market

I took transit and got there at 11 a.m. The market was already packed with people! I saw K and said “hi” to her and her friends in the wagon, they were already getting busy! I knew that my sister will be late, so I started my tour at the market alone.

Since it’s the winter, we only get fruits like apples and pears and mostly root vegetables. There were 2 stalls selling mushrooms! And lots of stalls selling other goodies: pickled vegetables, tea, sauce, honey, cheese, flour…etc. There were also stores for seafood (tuna!), chicken, eggs, turkey, pork and beef.

The Pure Bread booth had lineup until they sold out their bread! I will join the line next time to try out some cheese and herbs and may be rustic Italian bread too! Continue reading “Winter Farmers Market”