Winter Farmers Market

January 8, Saturday– sunny and cold

I heard about the Winter Farmers Market from my friend, K, on Facebook. Her friends are running “Off the Wagon“,  a travelling taco trailer quoted from their Facebook page. They were at the Winter Farmers Market on Saturday. After a few months’ break from the vegetables from my CSA farm, I was starting to miss the local organic vegetables. So I decided to go and take a look.

Winter Farmers Market

I took transit and got there at 11 a.m. The market was already packed with people! I saw K and said “hi” to her and her friends in the wagon, they were already getting busy! I knew that my sister will be late, so I started my tour at the market alone.

Since it’s the winter, we only get fruits like apples and pears and mostly root vegetables. There were 2 stalls selling mushrooms! And lots of stalls selling other goodies: pickled vegetables, tea, sauce, honey, cheese, flour…etc. There were also stores for seafood (tuna!), chicken, eggs, turkey, pork and beef.

The Pure Bread booth had lineup until they sold out their bread! I will join the line next time to try out some cheese and herbs and may be rustic Italian bread too!

For food, I saw the Bon Chaz table and got a sample. I wanted to get one for my breakfast but I had to walk by three times to get them. They baked them in a small oven at the market and so they sold out each batch pretty quickly. I got an original Bon Chaz Coffee Bun and I really liked the sweet warm bun. It warms my body up and gave me energy to do my shopping!

I got some onion and garlic, tuna (frozen and canned), chai tea, cheese, turkey wings and turkey Italian sausages, breakfast sausages made with Red Truck Ale and some salsa. At this point, I was really hungry and cold. I called my sister and found out that she was just about to leave home… So I decided to head to “Off the Wagon” for some home made Tacos!

I got the “Slow Roasted Chipotle” and the “Fresh Homemade Chorizo“. Both were delicious! Double layer small corn tacos were LOADED with meat, onion and cilantro. I added a dash of their yellow hot sauce on them. Out of the two the Chorizo was my favorite, slightly spicy and very flavorful.

My sister finally arrived and she was hungry too. We walked around and she spotted the Creperie La Boheme truck! She ordered the “Brie & Pear Savory Buckwheat Crepe” and asked me to share the “Sugar & Butter Classic Crepe” with her.

Both were very fresh and delicious! The simple sugar and butter crepe had a sweet floral taste which we both cannot tell exactly what it was. May be they used vanilla sugar? I had a bite off my sister’s savory crepe (bechamel, Little Qualicum Brie, fresh pear, greens, vinaigrette). The vinaigrette tied all the fresh crisp ingredients together with the soft melting Brie.

My sister didn’t find anything she wanted to buy and that ended our first winter farmers market visit. Next time when I come to the market, I will drive and bring: cooler, cash (some places accept debit and credit but not all of them), my camera (all pictures were taken with my iPhone and shaky freezing hand), and warm clothings!

A few more pictures taken at the market:

Off the Wagon on Urbanspoon

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon


5 thoughts on “Winter Farmers Market

    1. Come with me next time! Great place for photo shooting. I planned to get more organic meat next time and store in my car with a cooler! I tried out the onion, mushroom and Italian turkey sausages last night (made a pasta out of it). They were great except that the turkey sausages were a bit on the salty side. I will try out a turkey wing recipe and if that turns out good, I will get more. Turkey wings and legs are cheap! (Less than $2 for a pack of 4-6 wings)

  1. Looks like you did the full tour of the market – thanks for visiting and sharing with your readers! Be sure to come back soon as the produce offerings will change as we draw closer to spring – we’re already seeing cucumbers and lettuce from local greenhouses and hearty greens will be making a return too!

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