Winter Farmers Market Visit #2

January 22, Saturday – Sunny

I went to the farmers market again this Saturday. Since my last visit, most of the food that I’ve purchased had been consumed. (except the tuna) I also finished up using eggs at home and was ready to get some organic free range eggs. My friends R and C were there earlier (in another word, we were late) and we met up and quickly went through some food stalls.

I tried the vegetarian pizza from Whistler Wood Fired Pizza Co. which IMO was very tasty but D didn’t like plain vegetable pizza. To him, without meat, pizza really wasn’t pizza.

We also had coffee from The Bean Buggy which was well worth the wait. My Americano was strong and good. D’s Cafe Latte was well made and didn’t have the sourness that he hate from over brew espresso. Well done Bean Buggy!  

After the coffee, I went off for my meat shopping. Since D was there to carry all the heavy goods, I got eggs, chicken wings, and thighs from Rockweld Farm, more turkey wings and drumsticks from Sleepy Mountain, pork baby back ribs, spicy Italian sausages and bacon from Gelderman Farm, some apples and more beer sausages from Beer BratsPure Beard was sold out when I got there…  I also bought pack of 12 Masala Chai Tea from Trudy Ann.

I ordered the Smokey Beef Chili from The Chili Tank and it was smoky, spicy and tasty. Pretty good for a $5 bowl including bread.

The Farmers Market was a very nice place for Saturday lunch + grocery shopping. This is the link to my first visit which I was more excited and tried out more food last time:


5 thoughts on “Winter Farmers Market Visit #2

      1. Winnie,
        Your blog has some amazing pictures and very mouth watering may I add. I forwarded it to the Farmers Market! Hope to see you again. Looking forward to more pictures. Cheers!! Trudy Ann

    1. Definitely check it out! I just talked to my friend and she was surprised that farmer’s market don’t have vegetables ONLY. There is also meat, eggs, tea, cheese and other stalls that are fun to visit as well. I went again last Sat and planned to take this friend to the market may be two weeks later.

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