Q Go Ramen

December 11, Saturday – Sunny

I had an appointment near Broadway and Granville and need to find a place for lunch alone. So I decided to try out Q Go Ramen (95?). It’s a small restaurant with simple decor. Different from other Ramen joints, I was served with water and a small bowl of edamame soon after I was seated.

They have 4 kinds of Ramen on the menu and I decided to order the Miso Ramen (medium) with Fatty Chashu.

The portion was really big! The soup was served hot. It was tasty with the aroma and sweetness of pork and saltiness of miso. It’s a silky rich soup and you can actually see bits of fat floating but it’s not overly salty. To my surprised, I didn’t feel thirsty after this meal which is unusual for a meal at any ramen restaurant. I believe that they didn’t use MSG (or used very little) in their soup base and that isn’t common practice for Japanese restaurants.

The noodle was not exceptionally good but was as good as other Ramen places, not over cook and still had the bite. The half soft boiled egg was very nicely done with a slightly runny yolk.

Since I asked for Fatty Chashu, it came fatty! I personally like some pork belly once in a while so I had no problem with it. If you don’t like the texture or the taste of pork fat, I would highly recommend you to order lean chashu instead.

I really like the miso ramen at Q Go and the portion was so big that I cannot finish it by myself. The intense and rich soup base will make me want to come back for their ramen. Especially I have a mild allergy to MSG and this place may be my only choice for ramen restaurant not using (as much) MSG. I had a feeling that this place may not be Japanese owned (heard Japanese waitresses talking to a manager in English) but the ramen did taste authentic (except the “missing MSG” which I didn’t miss).

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