Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

January 16, Sunday – Cloudy

After our depressing meal at Bob Like Thai Food, I really need something to bring my mood up. So we decided to visit Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France just around the corner on E 22nd and Main.

Both inside and outside of this little chocolate store was very nicely decorated. It felt like a corner somewhere in Europe instead of Vancouver.

They used glass jars and plates to hold chocolate truffles. All the chocolate looked so pretty and tasty!

Chocolate Mini-Tarts 72% dark chocolate with coarse sugar.

We spent a bit of time browsing and looking at different things in the store. After that S and I both decided to order the daily special drinking chocolate, Rose Petals infused drinking chocolates made with 60% dark chocolate. They only make one flavour each day so you don’t have a choice of another one if you don’t like it. Just happened that I am a big fan of floral flavours: rose, lavender, jasmine, saffron, chrysanthemum…etc. I ordered a cup and S ordered a shot since she was quite full after lunch. And this thick, smooth 60% dark drinking chocolate was sooo good. It’s like drinking melted chocolate, no milk, no filler. The rose petals added a nice balance floral tone to the drink and made it more pleasant than just plain dark chocolate. My hot chocolate not only tasted good but it smelled even better. The fragrance from the rose petals permeated the cup. I couldn’t stop sniffing it while sipping. Lovely!

Since D doesn’t like rose or any floral food, I decided to get two 72% Dark Chocolate Truffles for him. The girl from Nouvelle France told me that they had a batch of freshly made truffles. They were not cool and sat long enough to be bought and stored at home but they were ready to be eaten right away. D consumed them in no time and told me that it was very good! Again smooth, dense and rich coco dusted balls with all the bitter sweet goodness of dark chocolate. There was no unpleasant sourness at all. (some dark chocolate especially over 70% ones are just too sour to eat)

I was taking picture of the store front and D after eating the two truffles went back into the store! He got 3 more pieces of dark chocolate thins: 72% dark, espresso and spicy chili. I had a small bite of the spicy one and yum! The chili gave the sweet dark chocolate a nice kick. The goodness of chocolate lingered in my mouth after just a small bite!

Overall Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France was a very good chocolate shop! I was back into great mood after our visit and ready to do some shopping on Main Street.

If I have to compare Nouvelle France with my other favorite chocolate shop, Thomas Haas, I would say I like them both but they offer something different. Thomas Haas offers more variety and I like their lighter but still intense hot chocolate (see the picture on my banner!?) and Nouvelle France has this killer thick smooth drinking chocolate. I guess it depends on which area I was in when I have my chocolate craving and if it’s Sunday, I can only come here.

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3 thoughts on “Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

  1. Thank you and S for introducing this shop! I L-O-V-E their truffles…The chocolate sensation just fills my mouth, nose, throat…and lingers. It was such a nice treat!

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