Talay Thai Restaurant

January 18, Tuesday – Cold

Since our last visit at Bob Likes Thai Food on Sunday, D had been whinning about Pad Thai. So the meat I tried to defrost wasn’t ready by dinner time on Tuesday night and we had to eat out. D jumped up and suggested Talay Thai. It’s a small Thai restaurant that we been to once with our friends back in December. We both loved our first visit so it’s a good time to go again and compare the food.

We ordered Pad Thai, Tom Kha with Chicken (Coconut soup)  and Pad Med Mamuang Himaphan with pork (Stir-fried with roasted cashew nuts, onion and bell peppers in a spicy chili sauce) . We again asked everything to be spicy! We also ordered 2 Thai beer (Singha) and a bowl of brown rice to go with the spicy food.

The Tom Kha Gai was really good. It’s loaded with flavour of lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, Cilantro and fish sauce. It was spiced up with extra fried chili.

The Pad Med Mamuang Himaphan with pork was very fragrant with the chili sauce and the pork and peppers were slightly charred (good sign of nice work sear). The roasted cashew nuts added texture to this stir fried dish.

The Pad Thai was spicy and very very tasty. The flavour was much bolder than that at Bob. The noodle had enough sauce to cover them but the tofu and the egg were nicely charred. Very nice work sear combined with great sauce.

Everything that we ordered:

After the meal, I was really full but D decided to order dessert. Deep Fried Banana with Mango Ice-cream. Call me weird, I am NOT a big fan of mango. Since I was full, I only had a small bite of the deep fried banana and it was VERY good. Crispy outside with soft, warm, sweet, melting banana inside. The mango ice-cream wasn’t bad as well. The temperature contrast was great.

The final bill came up to less than $52 with 2 bottles of beer which was fair for amount of food we had. The waitress was very helpful and very energetic. She did make sure that all the food we ordered were “HOT” (see her writing on the receipt). Since Talay Thai is only 10 min drive from our place, it is definately our go to place for Thai.

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