Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

February 6, Sunday – rainy

I visited a new butcher shop, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop, in Chinatown/Gastown area on my way to the Barking Mad event held in West Vancouver back in February. Parking was easy with not too pricy meter right next to the shop. It’s actually right across from the Sunrise market on Powell Street.
I needed some ground beef to make chili for dinner that night. So I asked for 2 lb of their AAA ground beef. I think the price is pretty good $7.70 for 2 lb. I ended up only using a little over 1 lb for the chili and I made Chinese steam beef patty with pickled vegetable with the rest for another meat.

I got some ground beef to make chili at home. It's way better than those I got from regular supermarket and I think the price is reasonable

After that, I browsed around the shop. It’s nicely decorated resembling an old school butcher shop.

They also carried meat from Sloping Hills and Polderside. And their house made sausages looked good!

I also ordered a sandwich for take out. I was temped with the daily sandwich but I asked for their recommendation. I ended up getting their Big Lou’s Chicago Style sandwich with house made sausage for $7.5. I took a few pictures of it in the shop and ate it in my car while driving to West Vancouver.


I really liked this sandwich. The bread had a firm crust and was chewy but not overly so. I am not big on soft bread. I prefer bread with more texture and “weight” and this was the right one for me. It held the juice from the house made sausage really well too. The sausage was tasty and not salty with just the right amount of herbs in it. It also had a slice of cucumber, pickles, onion, mustard and mayo in it. Pretty fancy on-the-go food for me! I actually took a picture with my iPhone at a red light stop 😛 (please don’t report me). I finished the sandwich before I got to Lion’s Gate Bridge.

Here is a link to their sandwich menu:

I am pretty sure that I will return to the butcher shop for steak and other meat.

Just updated this with a link:

Article on Georgia Straight about Big Lou’s Butcher Shop and another 2 butchers.

Another butcher shop mentioned in the article is Sebastian & Co. It is one of my foodie friends’ go-to butcher but it’s in West Vancouver and a bit of a drive for me to visit. (btw this foodie friend of mine spent 3 days just to make the perfect veal stock for the sauce/broth of his braised short rib dish…So he really cares about the meat he gets.)

Big Lou's Butcher Shop on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

  1. Their sandwiches are quite good; however, only if you stick with the “traditional” sandwiches. I ordered their banh mi and… Well, I would have gotten better ones in Chinatown.

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