Dai Jang Kum

February 6, Saturday – rainy

We needed a quick dinner in Richmond. I went to Dai Jang Kum with my coworkers once for lunch, and it was not bad. So I decided to try it out for dinner.

We ordered the BBQ beef short rib with special fruit marinate, Bibimbap and Potato and pork bone soup. Since this was a quick dinner, I won’t describe each dish in detail.

The BBQ beef short ribs were not bad. The waitress actually helped us to put it on the grill and cut them into smaller pieces. The marinate was sweet and savory.

They served many side dishes and they are refillable with no extra charge. Pretty good side dishes. I liked the daikon in wasabi and the fish cakes.

Bibimbap was pretty standard

Bibimbap was pretty standard. We had better ones but this one was not bad.

Pork bone and potato soup - the potato could be cooked longer but this was like a small version of the pork bone pot that I seldom get to order because it's too big for two people and D always want to order something other than just the pork bone pot.

Overall, this was a pretty good and quick dinner. The food was not as tasty as Korean food found along North Road or downtown but good and authentic for Richmond. 😦 poor us.

Below were the seafood tofu soup I had for lunch at my last visit and spicy seafood noodle that my coworker ordered.

Dai Jang Kum on Urbanspoon


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