One Hundred Days – DOV 2011

January 30, Sunday

D and I were invited to this DOV dinner with my coworkers and ex-workers. One Hundred Days was at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown occupying what previous was Elixir. Very convenience location, just a few steps from the Yaletown Roundhouse station.

I had read a few reviews before we headed there but we were both shock at how dark the place was. We could barely find our way to the table (i.e. painted picnic table and benches). Well, I didn’t really like the paintings and the decorative items except the cloth hanger light fixture in the middle of our dining area. Don’t get me wrong. I like pop arts and graffiti works in general. At that time the server was just bringing in the tea light candles. We had to share the candles in order to see our menu. I finally gave up and used my iPhone flash light app.

They were serving the $28 Dine Out menu. After reading all the reviews, I decided on the Lobster & Crab Mac and Cheese. So in order to not to stuff myself, I picked the Italian Onion Soup as my 1st course. For dessert, I picked the apple pie with cheddar cheese ice-cream because it sounded more interesting out of the two options.

I didn’t know what exactly happened. The Italian Onion Soup came in 2 batches from the server and we believed that they were from 2 batches in the kitchen. While 2 of my friends and D were enjoying their onion soup, I also was trying out mine. I found mine VERY salty and tasted slightly sour. I re-read the menu again and didn’t spot anything that was suppose to make it sour. I only had less than half of my soup (only tasted a little bit of the baguette and cheese and scooping underneath it). D after finishing his saw that I wasn’t planning to finish mine. So he took it over from me. Wah! He said that mine tasted weird compare to his. Being a less picky eater, he finished the baguette and cheese and left some of the soup behind. My friend who got the soup at the same time as mine agreed that his soup tasted weird as well… 😦

One of my friends ordered the Bianco Risotto with Truffles. It looked good but I didn’t try it.

And the same went for the Smoked Tuna Carpaccio ‘Nicoise”.

Lobster & Crab ‘Mac & Cheese’ With Hennessy Bisque looked great with the cute small side mug of lobster bisque. I took the risk of ordering it because one, I am picky on lobster. They had to be done right for me to like it. I hate soggy texture lobster especially the bad craws. And two, D is allergic to crab, so if I cannot finish it, he cannot help me. I had a sip of the lobster bisque, and liked it. Intense and a bit on the salty side which was understandable as a sauce. Sweetness of the Hennessy stood out. The mac and cheese had plenty of crab and lobster meat. The first few bite were good but the flavour started to become blend and boring. The lobster meat was soggy. 😦 The cheese was not interesting. I made mac & cheese a few times and had one that I really love from Au Petit Chavignol. You really need good cheese and ones with slight complexity to make mac & cheese in a restaurant like 100 Days. It’s not just a diner, right? I guess throwing in lobster and crab meat didn’t make me like it. I could only finish about half of my second course.

Roasted Breast of Chicken, Spinash & Almond Butter Stuffing. My friends said this was pretty good. One said that his was a bit on the salty side and the other said it was just seasoned right.

D and another friend had ‘Steak Diane’ With Brandy & Mushroom Gravy. I had a small piece of it and it was pretty good. Pretty standard steak (not steakhouse quality) and it’s hard to have a bad mushroom gravy. 🙂 I thought I could have ordered this and I would be a happier person.

Two of my friends ordered Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies with house made gelato. And liked it.

Me and the rest of the group ordered Okanagan Apple Pie, Cheddar Cheese Ice-cream. This was my best dish for this DOV dinner. The cheddar cheese ice-cream was interesting. Mild cheddar cheese taste, smooth texture and a nice sweet after taste. The apple filling was not too sweet and the pie “crust” was slightly flaky.

For a $28 dinner, I think it would be an OK meal if I had ordered the steak and didn’t get the “off” batch of the onion soup. But well, it did happen and I don’t think I will go back to 100 days. Actually I can’t any more. They changed the name of the restaurant to 100 Nights already. LOL

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2 thoughts on “One Hundred Days – DOV 2011

  1. I myself don’t do DOV to begin with, so… 🙂 Actually, this type of restaurant is not for me so…! 😀

    I am a bit picky about mac n’ cheese. While I have no problem eating cheese, to me, it is more on the lines of less is more. In fact, when I make it, I prepare a bechamel and dump sharp cheddar and, if I have at hand, gouda. That is good enough for me. The rest is, at times, overkill. As for lobster, ouch! >_<

    Weren't the original 100 Days open for over 100 days? And now is it just a thing of changing its name??? It is starting to sound worst than some Chinese restaurant, given this had the hype (wow! open only for 100 days!), once it "expires", it just change the name and, wala!, new restaurant!

    1. Agree with you about mac n’ cheese. With just enough good cheese makes a good mac n’ cheese. This DOV was a social event for me to catch up with current and ex-coworkers. So I enjoyed meeting and chatting with them. Just not so much with the food.

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