Stock Up – Clam Chowder


April 2, Saturday – Sunny.

After wine “tasting” last night at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, I was still pretty tired. (hangover) I was about to drop by my parents’ and just saw this soup and sandwich place on the way. I could use some hot soup to settle my stomach so I went in.


I asked the lady of my choice of soup. She was really nice and gave me samples of them. The roasted red bell pepper and garlic was smoky and sweet. The New England Clam Chowder was light and flavorful with lots of chopped clams, carrot, red potato and dill. It’s not overly thick and was just right as a snack.

To my surprise, the small size soup was served with a mini cheese biscuit.



They also had pre-made meals, sauce and sandwiches and there was a shelf for other goodies like Organic coffee, chocolate, cookies, tea…etc.


I am happy with this soup place. It’s another restaurant if I want to have lunch with my sister in the neighbourhood.

Stock Up on Urbanspoon


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