Vancouver’s 1st Annual Foodie Feast

March 29, Tuesday – Rainy

When I read about the Vancouver’s 1st Annual Foodie Feast from James’s email (@bellagelateria), I was immediately excited! I felt bad but since this is the first year for this event, I didn’t know what to expect. Knowing how much D usually eats, I refused to take him with me that night. (sorry D. I will next year.) Instead, I invited my friend G with me to join this fund raising event for the Food Bank.

It was at District 319 on Main Street. I think this location used to be a Chinese Cinema back in the early 90’s.

It got really busy and there were lineups at most of the tables. But everyone was nice and we didn’t feel being pushed or being rushed to get food. We went ahead and had a Yuzu sorbetto at Bella Gelateria first. After pre-cleaning our pallet (lol), We went to Mochikas to get a taste of Peruvian food. I really liked their Ceviche and the Chicharron Sandwich was tasty. I forgot to take a picture of the sample size ceviche but here is the photo of a proper serving.

Next we went and lined up at Falconetti’s East Side Grill. It took a while for the Spicy Italian sausage to be served but everyone was waiting patiently. G and I just chatted along and catched up on things while waiting. We also got a sample of the Polish sausage – 100% sirloin beef with traditional spices.

We tried to escape the crowd a bit, so we went back to the dessert section which was near the very cool bar.

At Kitchening with Carly, we sampled the tasty macarons from them. My favorite was the Natural Almond Macaron with Rosemary Salted Caramel.

The other two were Vanilla Macaron with Lavender Butter cream and Chai Macaron with Cardamom Cream.

We sampled the ManCakes but the corner had really dim light. It’s really hard to see exactly what were in the pictures. I found Buffalo wing with blue cheese mancake most interesting. I think they tasted like corn bread base with buffalo wing bits. The hot sauce really helped bring the flavor out but I could not really taste the blue cheese in it. The other two varieties were breakfast and pink peppercorn grapefruit.

Our favorite dish was from La Belle Auberge, everything on the plate were nicely done! Tender duck meat, crispy deep fried ball of shredded duck meat with herb sauce and risotto were served. I definitely wanted to go and tried other dishes that La Belle Auberge have on their menu.

I loved the white chocolate covered Kalamansi Explosion. It really did EXPLODE in my mouth.

Other food we tried were Yuzu Ceviche and Tuna Avocado Salad from Hapa Izakaya.

El Barrio – Really good Tostadas with Carnitas. Crispy corn tortillas with black bean paste, pork and pickled onion with a very nice spicy sauce on top.

OnePlanet CateringCoconut Macaroon (which I ate the raspberry and G thankfully took the rest away), tuna bites that we didn’t try and the Five Spice Duck.

From EBO, they served Seared Tuna, Korean Style Short Ribs, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tort and a refreshing sweet drink with dry ice in it.

We were really fully after trying out all the food there! We skipped Red Star because we have both visited it number of times before.
It was a fun event and I was happy that we could do something to help the Food Bank. I am really thankful and amazed on how James of Bella Gelateria, Mijune of “Follow Me Foodie” and Sherman of “Sherman’s Food Adventures” put together this event in such a short period of time. There were so many people who helped out for the event and restaurants that donated all the food and the time. James said that the tickets were sold out in 4 short days! I am looking forward to the September event.

Here is the link to most of the restaurants that participated in Vancouver’s 1st Annual Foodie Feast at UrbanSpoon.


9 thoughts on “Vancouver’s 1st Annual Foodie Feast

    1. Thank you Mijune! I saw you a few time there but I was too shy to say hi. I am happy that we did something to help the community. After hearing James’ speech, I went and got more raffle tickets. I didn’t know what else I can do to help. I will sure bring more friends and help spread the words for the next fund raising event!
      Before attending the event, I did plan to meet some other bloggers and chat with them. But when I got there, I just… couldn’t bring myself up to do it. 😦

    1. Hi Sherman,
      Thank you for dropping by! We girls had more than enough to eat that night. But I am pretty sure if D came along, he needs an after meal. He eats more than most people I know and usually he eats half of my order when we eat out. LOL
      I will be brave and come up to say hi at the next event/meet up!

  1. Looks like you had a great time!! Wish I had attended and savoured all the delicious yums too 😦 I miss eating out…
    Anyway, thanks for adding us to your links 😀 Will be adding A Hungry Bear to our blogroll too! And please stay hungry LOL


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