Mandarin chicken salad from Osaka T&T Supermarket

April 27, Wednesday – rainy

I need something for a quick lunch in the office. My coworker, E, suggested to bring this salad back to the office for me. So here I go with something I won’t pick up from the Osaka T&T supermarket myself.

It’s really cheap. For less than $5, you get lots of romaine lettuce, some grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrot slices, diced yellow bell pepper, canned mandarin oranges and diced roasted chicken. The vegetables were pretty fresh, except the wrinkled grape tomato in the picture. The chicken was not bad, firm and well seasoned. It also came with dressing and crunchy items in separate containers. Dressing was very salty. I only used half of it and still found it too salty. I liked the shaved almonds and sesames but not so crazy about the noodle pieces.

In summary, it’s not bad as a quick, cheap lunch option. And I may get it again but I will be really careful with the dressing next time.

Osaka Supermarket on Urbanspoon


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