Commune Cafe – quick meal before watching a show

March 10, Thursday

Quick meal at Commune Cafe before watching a show at the Orpheum with D and S. I used 1 Groupon for this meal. It’s pretty nice and causal. And even though most of the dishes were pre-made and assambled as ordered, they were still tasty. We had enough time to eat and chat a bit before heading for the show just steps away.


Salmon with preserved lemon risotto
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Brunch at Cafe Medina

May 15, Sunday – Rainy

This and the up coming few posts will be short ones. Because of my laziness (sorry ūüė¶ ) I have so many reviews to be written. I decided to do some clean up and post the next few as short ones with photos.

Brunch with my friend, K.



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Cafe de l’Orangerie – Western influenced Japanese food


April 9, Saturday – Cloudy

My sister and her family were visiting me from Japan. One of the kids was a¬†fussy eater (just like many other kids around). We decided to take them to Cafe de l’Orangerie, a restaurant serving yoshoku cuisine, so she could have something that she is more familiar with.¬† Yoshoku is Western-influenced cooking orginated during the Meiji Restoration in Japan.¬†You¬†typically see spaghetti, hamburgar, stew…etc on the menu which seem western but actually have a Japanese “twist” to them.

Cafe de l’Orangerie is a small restaurant at the south end of Granville Street. I found out about it from my friends (yellow tiger). It’s in a tiny stripmall with only a few other businesses and they didn’t seem busy. So parking wasn’t a problem for us. We quickly settled down and ordered.
Since it’s a cafe, I ordered an Americano (and I need a coffee to deal with the kids @@).
It’s pretty good, strong and smooth with a slight acidic undertone. (So D didn’t like it! LOL) It’s not as rich/full body as Italian espresso. But I like it regardless.

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Afternoon tea at Shangri-La Hotel’s Lobby Lounge

March 26, Saturday – Rainy

Can’t believe that it’s been over a month since I was at the Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel with my girl friends, K and S. Q was going to join us but she was busy with her cute toddler son. So it’s just three of us for a quiet afternoon tea. Our table was right next to the baby grand piano. The pianist kindly asked if we had any request for songs as well!

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