Cafe de l’Orangerie – Western influenced Japanese food


April 9, Saturday – Cloudy

My sister and her family were visiting me from Japan. One of the kids was a fussy eater (just like many other kids around). We decided to take them to Cafe de l’Orangerie, a restaurant serving yoshoku cuisine, so she could have something that she is more familiar with.  Yoshoku is Western-influenced cooking orginated during the Meiji Restoration in Japan. You typically see spaghetti, hamburgar, stew…etc on the menu which seem western but actually have a Japanese “twist” to them.

Cafe de l’Orangerie is a small restaurant at the south end of Granville Street. I found out about it from my friends (yellow tiger). It’s in a tiny stripmall with only a few other businesses and they didn’t seem busy. So parking wasn’t a problem for us. We quickly settled down and ordered.
Since it’s a cafe, I ordered an Americano (and I need a coffee to deal with the kids @@).
It’s pretty good, strong and smooth with a slight acidic undertone. (So D didn’t like it! LOL) It’s not as rich/full body as Italian espresso. But I like it regardless.


My niece’s Spaghetti Carbonara arrived first. I tried a little bit of it and it’s pretty creamy and smooth. The carbonara sauce didn’t have much of the smokiness from bacon but it’s peppery from the fresh grind black pepper on top. The pasta wasn’t over cooked but it’s not al dante. That’s the way yoshoku spaghetti is supposed to be. My niece liked it very much and had almost half of the order (adult size).

I ordered Hashed Beef with Rice which was a very homey, basic stew in tomato meat/demi glace sauce. I liked it a lot. It’s pretty sweet (which is a common take for yoshoku dishes) and not overly meaty or salty. The Japanese short grain rice was nice and fluffy.


My sister ordered Herbs and Parmesan Cheese Chicken Cutlet. I didn’t try it but it looked delicious. She said it tasted pretty similar to what you get in Japan.


D had the Half pound Hambuger Demi-Mayo Sauce. This was his first time having “hamburg” and he was shock to find out the texture of the patty was totally NOT what he expected. Hamburg in Japan is similar to meatloaf. So when he bite into this really moist and soft burger, with nothing close to the texture of a meat patty, he really hated it! The demi-mayo sauce is also mild tasting and sweet. It made the eating process very messy.


My other sister who lived in Japan a few years back had the Hamburger Steak with Sauce demi-glace. And she was happy with it. The portion was pretty big too. It was served with vegetables, potato salad and steam short grain rice.


We, except D, were pretty happy with our lunch. Dessert looked good but we had no room for it.



The place seems to be kid-friendly but they didn’t have highchair. So bring booster seats if you plan to visit with kids. There was another table with 2 kids next to ours.
Food at Cafe de l’Orangerie was pretty good. Service was friendly. (only 1 person serving but it wasn’t too busy)
Since Yoshoku-Ya on Denman St closed down. This is pretty much the only place left for yoshoku cuisin in Vancouver.

A side note, I would love to see katsu kare or other Japanese curry rice on their menu but they didn’t have it yet.
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