Brunch at Cafe Medina

May 15, Sunday – Rainy

This and the up coming few posts will be short ones. Because of my laziness (sorry đŸ˜¦ ) I have so many reviews to be written. I decided to do some clean up and post the next few as short ones with photos.

Brunch with my friend, K.




Beans from parallel 49!



We both got the lavender latte. Because of some confusion on the waiting list and at the lineup, the coffee was complimentary. That made us happy again after a long wait.

Tip: go inside to put your name down and then line up. Putting your name down is important.


We quickly got a table after our latte was being served.





We ordered a waffle and pistachio, white chocolate sauce with rose water to share. The waffle was as good as I remembered it from Chambar and I don’t even like waffles in general! And the sauce was a bit too sweet for me. It’s more like a white chocolate sauce with hint of pastichio and rose water but I would love it the other way. It’s really my fault because I never liked white chocolate to begin with.20110530-034433.jpg

K ordered La Sante – Soft Boiled egg, ripe tomato, avocado, prosciutto, extra virgin olive oil, ciabatta substituted with grilled Foccacia. Everything was fresh and tasty. But I guess she didn’t expect this dish to be served with all seperated items. It’s a pretty dish for sure!

20110530-034456.jpgI ordered the Fricasse – 2 fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, arugula and smoked applewood cheddar. Grilled Foccacia.


Yum! Smoked applewood cheddar peeking under the sunny side eggs. It’s way more food than I expected. The Fricasse was on the heavy side as brunch but I had no complain about the tasty short ribs. I used to worry about the size of brunch at Cafe Medina and thus never visited with D. Now I don’t have to any more. D will sure find Fricasse a very satisfying dish.
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