Seasons in the Park – Sister’s birthday lunch

April 25, Monday – Rainy

It was my sister’s birthday. She didn’t want to deal with dining out with her baby and toddler. So we decided to have lunch at Seasons in the Park. It’s a very kid friendly place. There were lots of family enjoying their brunch. All the main courses were tasty and the pricing was reasonable. Valet parking right in front of the restaurant was almost the same as meters ($4). The dining area had a nice view of Vancouver even in the rain.

My sister’s Salmon Burger.

Salmon burger

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June 2, Thursday – light rain

It’s a quick meet up and dinner with my sister at Menya. This is another place that I regularly visit. It’s very close to the studio where I take my dance lessons. I am usually temped to go for a piping hot ramen when I walk past it, especially in the cold winter time.

Since my sister was there, I finally ordered something other than my regular Nagahama ramen this time. It’s: The Nagahama Ramen Set!!! LOL

The set came with a small seasonal vegetable, spinach that day, with choice of sauce. I picked goma (sesame sauce). Pretty tasty but on the salty side and the portion was decent.

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May 4, Wednesday

To celebrate E’s birthday, D asked me to pick a place that is nice but yet will feed the guys without breaking the bank. Grub on Main St came right up to my mind!

Ordering at Grub was all about the fresh sheet on the board. Both D and I decided on their $30 three course menu which is a great value!

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