May 4, Wednesday

To celebrate E’s birthday, D asked me to pick a place that is nice but yet will feed the guys without breaking the bank. Grub on Main St came right up to my mind!

Ordering at Grub was all about the fresh sheet on the board. Both D and I decided on their $30 three course menu which is a great value!

The guys ordered Hoegaarden.

I ordered the Antipasto (Carnivore). All items were tasty and fresh.

D got the Soup of the day – Maple Guinness Onion Soup. The soup was nice and sweet and not salty like the some onion soup out there. The richness of Guinness was very detectable. The bread was tasty and crunchy.

E and K ordered Lamb – Rosemary Lamb Sirloin. Jasmine rice pilaf, Paneer (Indian cheese) in tumeric scented coconut milk. I didn’t taste it but it looked good. Not many places serve lamb sirloin which is a leaner cut vs chop/rack.

I and R ordered Duck – seared duck breast, house-made tagliatelle tossed with grape tomato, basil pesto & pine nuts, malbec black grape compote. It’s a great dish! Duck was tender and the grape compote acted as a sweet counter part with the meaty duck. The tagliatelle was on the soft side but not mushy. The vegetables were all very fresh.

D ordered Beef – Grass Fed Ribeye, butter yukon gold mash, tomato caper berry jus, arugula & pear salad. Very tasty ribeye. I think because it’s from a grass fed cow, it’s not as fatty as ribeye in general. (just the way I like my steak!) I would have ordered the ribeye next time I see it on the daily fresh board!

For dessert, I had the Pear strudel with caramel sauce and creme fraiche. The texture of the strudel was more like a nice thin fluffy pie crust. The pear was sweet but not overly so.

D had the Chocolate Bourbon torte and it was sinfully good!!! So chocolaty and rich. ammmm….

We also ordered French press coffee to go with the desserts. The milk came in a cute cow milk jar. 😛

Grub is my go-to restaurant for a nice but not too fancy dinner. Food was VERY reasonably priced and they use quality ingredients for their dishes. The dishes were complex but not overly fancy and the portion was very generous. Service was casual and friendly. They only have 1 server on the house on weekday, so this is not the place for a rush dinner. But to sit down, enjoy the food and have nice conversation with your friends or love ones.

They always have vegetarian and vegan dishes (even dessert) on the menu. Actually, this place was introduced to me by a straight vegan friend a few years back. And my visits there were always great.

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5 thoughts on “Grub

    1. I am very impressed with their pricing. (grass fed steaks cost a lot more!) I tried to buy grass fed steak at the farmers market and didn’t end up with it because I usually like sirloin and it was too $$. Now I know that grass fed ribeye tastes as good! So I will get them at my next farmers market visit.

  1. I’ve tried Grub once (the $30 menu) and was so impressed. Excellent food, presentation and ambience for casual yet fancy food. Must go again. I love that they change their menu often. Everything on the menu above sounded and looked amazing!!!

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