Gudrun Tasting Room

May 28, Saturday – sunny

This is another one with mostly pictures. Me and H got Groupons for Gudrun Tasting Room in Steveston area. ($25 for a $55 value cheese fondue and wine flight for 2) We made a reservation for a table for 4 at 9 p.m. less than a week before the coupon expired and went there for a double date (me, D, H and his wife F).
20110608-060341.jpg  20110608-060428.jpg

We were pleasantly surprised by the restaurant when we arrived a bit early. It’s hidden at the back of an ice-cream shop and some other small shops on the west side of the building. The outdoor seating has a table with an oak tree in the middle through it was so cool! If I have a nice house, this would be the perfect backyard dining area. 🙂 Well, one day.



We happily chatted and chilled outside before they got our table ready. And while waiting for our wine flight to be delivered, I checked out their menu. It’s more a wine, cheese and snack place, similar to Salt in gastown, than a full meal restaurant. Daily fresh list of cheese, charcuterie, sandwiches, soup and dessert were written on a large chalk board style wall.  


20110608-060807.jpg  20110608-060941.jpg

Our wine flight were delivered. We had a sparkling rose (possibly the bergerie l’hortus rose) first.




Then it was a glass of Windows Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc, St. Hubertus Chasselas and a red (may be Malbec)  that I didn’t remember.


Then came the cheese fondue. The picture showed the portion for two (so two sets for our table). The fondue was tasty with good quality cheese. The bread was great for dipping the warm, gooey cheese. It’s a mix of white and whole wheat bread, soft and dense with a nice crust (not crispy but not too chewy). The server told us that we could get more bread but what was given was just enough for the fondue.




After chats, wine and cheese, we ordered the daily dessert: Milk and dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut crunch. It’s smooth and chocolaty. I was happy that it’s not too light for a mousse cake (I don’t like mousse cake with texture like eating air) and the crunch added texture and nuttiness to it. The portion was small but it was less than $5 so that’s a fair size for the price.

20110608-063032.jpg   20110608-063128.jpg

Overall, it’s a very enjoying after dinner drink and snack. The decor was very hip and cool. We almost felt like we were in Gastown without crossing the bridge. I would love to come back for a relaxing after dinner drink in the summer.

Oh! Friendly reminder that you should tip the original price for the meal when using Groupon. We usually tip at least 15% of the original value.

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