June 2, Thursday – light rain

It’s a quick meet up and dinner with my sister at Menya. This is another place that I regularly visit. It’s very close to the studio where I take my dance lessons. I am usually temped to go for a piping hot ramen when I walk past it, especially in the cold winter time.

Since my sister was there, I finally ordered something other than my regular Nagahama ramen this time. It’s: The Nagahama Ramen Set!!! LOL

The set came with a small seasonal vegetable, spinach that day, with choice of sauce. I picked goma (sesame sauce). Pretty tasty but on the salty side and the portion was decent.


For the grilled item, I choose the grilled salmon. I needed some “pick me up” energy and I think salmon (Omega 3?) is the happy food.


Above was a mis-leading close up shot of the salmon.


It’s actually not small and the salmon was pretty moist and tasty.


Then, it’s my favorite Nagahama Ramen. The set was served with a smaller size noodle than their regular order. But that’s more than enough food for me. The milky pork soup was rich and smooth. It’s salty but not overly so. The ramen was thin and chewy. I really liked the shredded pickled ginger served on top. I didn’t take any picture of the chicken udon that my sister had.

The set was around $14. It’s a bit pricy but I liked the salmon and the side goma. I will stick to my usual ramen which only costs around $7.

I went again on Wednesday and this was my regular Nagahama Ramen.

Menya Japanese Noodle on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Menya

  1. Sorry. I went to Menya again last night and found out that the set was actually $14. So it’s not as cheap as I thought. I guess I will stick with Nagahama Ramen only next time.
    (I will update the blog with the correct amount)

  2. Hey Hungry Bear,

    I liked your review of Menya (I put one up myself: I wanted to order the broiled fish, but couldn’t find the extra stomach space. Next time, I guess.

    I had a quick question. How did you get your blog to show up on the review of Menya?

    Keep the reviews coming. I’ll be back soon.

    MoveableFeast (

    1. Hi MoveableFeast,
      Thanks! Your blog is very nice too. 🙂 I need to read up all the places you posted before.

      To get your blog to show up on the, you need to go to the bottom of “Blog posts on restaurantname” and click the link at “Add your review to this page.”. It will bring you to this page (different for each restaurant):
      Then copy and paste one of the html that includes a link to urbanspoon to your blog.

      After that, it will take a while. Urbanspoon may or may not email you to verify this blog but eventually, it will show up in the restaurant blog list. The first post usually take the longest and afterwards it can be shorten to a single day.

      Have fun blogging.

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