June 4, Saturday – Sunny

That was a Canucks game day! I was watching it at my friend’s place in Kerrisdale. It’s also our friend L’s birthday so I ordered a triple chocolate cake at Faubourg for him.




I arrived at Faubourg around 3:30p.m. to paid for it and to get the “Happy Birthday” message piped on the cake.


While waiting for it to be done, I ordered an americano and a plain croissant. I also called my sister earlier so she was on the way to walk to my friend’s place with me.



The croissant had crispy thin flake outside and layers of delicate, buttery, slightly chewy, and soft inside. It didn’t feel greasy at all and I could eat another one right after it. But I had to hold back and slowly enjoy my treat that day. It’s one of the best croissant that I had. (The best one was fresh from the oven of a bakery in Kelowna years ago. That store sadly isn’t there any more.) The Almond croissant at Thomas Haas was delicious too but it’s a different breed. I love them both. 😛

My sister arrived and I picked up the cake and we head down to my friend’s place after picking up some beer from the liquor store near by. She kindly helped me to carry the beer and only charged me 1 beer for the delivery. LOL

It was a great game and my friend’s kids were such great kids. No crying or screaming through out the game. We brought out the cake to celebrate both the Canucks win and L’s birthday.


The triple chocolate mousse cake had layers of white, milk and dark chocolate mousse and a thin hazelnut sponge cake base. The cake was finished with a dark chocolate glaze. It’s very rich, intense and smooth. It’s all a chocolate lover could ask for.


As a side note, before this visit, I had dessert from Faubourg before. My favorite was their lemon tart.

Faubourg on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Faubourg

  1. I like croissant too! And it’s very nice for them to do a personalized birthday cake for you that fast!

    1. I actually called and ordered it few days ahead. But they won’t personalized it until I showed up and paid for it. 😛 I am totally fine with it. This way, I had an excuse to sit there and enjoy my croissant.

  2. Hi, the croissant looks delish! I plan to try it soon 🙂 Can I ask how much it is for the cake? And for how big?

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      I think the cake was ~$40 including tax. it’s a 6″ or 8″ cake, not very big. But 6 of us couldn’t finish because it was pretty rich. So it’s good for 8 servings.
      I think the pricing is similar to whole cakes at Thomas Haas.

      Here is a link for their whole cakes.

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