Seasons in the Park – Sister’s birthday lunch

April 25, Monday – Rainy

It was my sister’s birthday. She didn’t want to deal with dining out with her baby and toddler. So we decided to have lunch at Seasons in the Park. It’s a very kid friendly place. There were lots of family enjoying their brunch. All the main courses were tasty and the pricing was reasonable. Valet parking right in front of the restaurant was almost the same as meters ($4). The dining area had a nice view of Vancouver even in the rain.

My sister’s Salmon Burger.

Salmon burger

I ordered Steak and poached eggs

My other sister’s Seafood Crepe

seafood crepe

My niece ordered the pizza from their kids’ menu.

kid's pizza

Dessert was only alright but my three years old niece liked their creme brulee. 🙂

lemon burlee tart

Lemon Brulee Tart

berry cheesecake

Mixed berry cheesecake

creme brulee

Creme Brulee

Seasons in the Park on Urbanspoon


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