Ap Gu Jung – Korean food on Robson

May 14, Saturday

After the Brewery Creek Beer Festival beer drinking, we met up with my friend C and we walked along Robson St to find a place to have an early bite. Since I was a bit drunk, I left that to my friends.  We arrived at Ap Gu Jung, a Korean restaurant on Robson. I had been there with my friend K and his wife R before for pork bone soup. It’s not bad for Korean food downtown.
We got the basic small appetizer dishes.
An order of chap chae (potato noodles)

bibimbap (stone bowl of rice) with vegetables, seaweed, sesame oil, egg and beef with hot and sweet pepper paste


Then C and two of my friend started drinking Soju (Korean Liquor). So BBQ skewers went great with drinks. We got BBQ chicken skewers and BBQ Chicken heart skewers.


I love Korean pork bone hotpot. So we ordered the traditional spicy pork neck stew with potatoes and green onions.


I was full but my friends wanted more food (they were probably hungry from drinking so much soju). We ordered the fried chicken (half order of plain and half with sweet and zesty sauce). It was not bad but the sauce was too sweet and not spicy enough for me.


Overall, I think the food was not bad but not as good as some in Coquitlam. But the atmosphere was really casual and the service was very efficient and friendly. It’s a great drinking place with snack (IMO).

Since I was quite tipsy, I didn’t think I should judge a restaurant by this visit. May be I shouldn’t have written this post but I think you can still use the pictures as a reference.

Ap Gu Jung Korean on Urbanspoon


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