BC Craft Beer Week

May 14, Saturday

We went to the Brewery Creek Beer Festival: BC of  the BC Craft Beer Week back in May. Other than very tasty local craft beer we tried at the Drill Hall, we were able to try out Re-Up BBQ pulled pork sandwich and BeerBart’s gourmet hot dogs.

The pulled pork sandwich was as good as everyone raved about! Tender juicy pull pork with tangy BBQ sauce and crunchy slaw. Perfect lunch before drinking glasses of beer. The best part of this was: there was no lineup YET at Re-up cart. 🙂

Pull Pork Sandwich

The hot  dogs from Beer Barts were tasty. The fried onion was sweet and together with the sauerkraut (which wasn’t super sour) complement the tasty crafted sausage very well. The sausage we picked was made with a stout thus had a nice sweet tone.
As for the beer, I drank a lot. The ticket includes 3 tokens and I bought 8 more (for $10). I used them all up and closer to the end of the event, I got a few pours without token. 😛  The beer tasting glasses were small though.
My favorites were: The Red Truck Big Black Bock, Steamworks Espresso beer and ginger beer, Vancouver Island Brewery’s Double Decker IPA, Whistler Brewing’s Whiskey Jack Ale. I didn’t try all the breweries so this was only based on what I remembered after the event.
Here are some pictures taken:

Re-Up BBQ Foodcart on Urbanspoon


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