Hai Phong Vietnamese

June 28, 2011 – Sunny

It’s our turn to pick up the CSA vegetables in the Mount Pleasant area. We went and pick the vegetables up after work and then head out for dinner.

Since we are in Vancouver, I suggested to try out a Vietnamese restaurant, Hai Phong, that I visited once before with my friend K. Last time I shared a small pho and a salad roll with her. We both enjoyed the food.

D is a big fan of pho. Every time I asked what he wants for a quick dinner/lunch he will say pho. As expected, D wouldn’t say “No” to pho. 🙂


Hai Phong is in a strap mall on Kingsway between Knight and Fraser.

I was impressed by the herbs that were served along with the noodle soup. There were thinly slice banana blossoms, shredded water spinach stems, mint, basil, raw bean sprouts, red chili pepper and lime wedges.


Derek ordered pho with rare beef, tendon and brisket. The broth was flavorful and had lots of herbs and depth of sweetness. It’s clean and tasty. The rare beef was tender and the tendon was in thicker cuts than other pho places. The tendon slices could be picked up by chopsticks. The rice noodle had the right done-ness.


The deep-fried chicken wings were similar to the one at Phnom Phen but those at Phnom Phen were better. Since D hasn’t been to Phnom Phen, he loved these. 😛


I ordered the Bun Rieu Cua – Crab and Shrimp Paste Rice Noodle Soup. It’s very tasty and different from other Vietnamese soup noodle I had. It had meatballs (made with pork and shrimp) , pork hock, tofu puffs, pig blood, ham and tomato. It reminded me of food with dried shrimps and fish sauce. As usual, I loaded my soup with fresh herbs and bean sprouts. I loved the texture of  shredded banana blossoms and water spinach stems.


D got greedy with the food. After he finished the chicken wings, he ordered a grilled chicken salad roll. I didn’t get to taste it at all. He finished the salad roll before I got a bite from it. He just told me that it’s yummy. Well, I liked their shrimp salad roll I had last time. It’s freshly made and it’s wrapped open-ended. So the roll overall is softer than the closed ended ones.



We noticed that Hai Phong had menu items not commonly found in Pho places and we saw two large tables ordering larger dishes to share. We decided that we will try to come back with more friends and try out others dishes there.
Hai Phong Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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