Ba Le Sandwich Shop

July 3, Sunday – Sunny

After my Sunday group run, I walked to Chinatown, looking for a light lunch option by myself.

I remember my friend, M, and a few other friends mentioned good Banh Mi there. So I decided to give it a try. I was wearing my running capris and jacket so this casual place worked well for me.



This place was small and simple. Two people were working behind the counter assembling sandwiches. Not sure what to order, I picked the most expensive one on the menu, the Dac Biet for $3.50. Yeap, $3.50 was the most expensive sandwich they have on the menu. The rest was all $3. I google the meaning of “Dac Biet” afterwards and found this from urbandictionary :

Dac Biet – “Special” in Vietnamese. Also can mean “Super” or “Combo with Everything” when describing Vietnamese food.




Dac Biet Banh Mi had everything 🙂 and it’s pretty big and tasty. The baguette had crispy crust and I made a mess with the crumps all over my table. The pickled radish and carrot was refreshing and crunchy. The deli meat was tasty but not overly salty. Yummy!

During my early lunch, I saw a lot of customers coming in for take outs. Some of them even get 10 Banh Mi sandwiches. It’s a very enjoyable solo lunch and I continue my Chinatown adventure afterward visiting small shops along Keefer.


Ba Le Sandwich Shop on Urbanspoon


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