Deer Garden Signatures – Fish soup noodle

July 7, 2011

Deer Garden is usually very busy. We avoid going there at their peak hours and thus we go there only for late night dinners/snacks. When we arrived at 10:15 p.m., there was still a lineup. And it’s less than an hour from their closing time at 11 p.m. Luckily, we got our table within 5 mins.

Their signature dish is MSG Free Fish Soup Noodle.  The noodle came along with vegetables and 2 strips of soft tofu sheets. The order sheet of their soup noodle combo allow you to customized your noodle set. Two toppings are included for the price with choice of soup, noodle, drinks and side dishes (with extra charge).

I ordered Tomato and squash fish soup with round rice noodle (aka. rice thread noodle 米線). I picked beef tongue and house made squid balls as the toppings.  May be it’s the end of the day, my tomato, squash fish soup was a bit salty (being simmered for the whole day). But I am still happy with it. The two thick slides of beef tongue were pan-fried nicely. And the squid balls were bouncy and had bits of  squid in it. yummy! For the noodle set, I got an ice milk tea and it’s less than $9 ($1 extra for ice drinks) for the set before tax and tips.

Note: They put “Tomato and Pumpkin Fish soup” on the menu but it’s actually Kabocha which is commonly known as Japanese pumpkin. A lot of Chinese restaurant just put pumpkin on their menu but it really is Kabocha, a Winter squash

D ordered the White pepper and ginkgo fish soup also with rice noodle and Vietnamese ham and fish puffs. I had a taste of the soup from his bowl and I liked it more than my tomato fish soup. May be it just wasn’t as salty. Over all, both were as good as always. 🙂

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