La Taqueria Taco Shop on Cambie

July 19, Tuesday – Sunny

G and I were looking for a place for a quick bite before watching a movie at Fifth Avenue Cinema. Since I was taking the transit, we agreed to meet at Cambie and Broadway.

I read about La Taqueria’s new Cambie location had just had their grand opening on Monday. The lineup wasn’t long at all, so we went in and ordered our dinner.


We each ordered 3 tacos, 2 meat and 1 vegetarian. I would like to get a horchata, a sweet rice drink. But they told us that it’s not available yet. Also it’s cash only at the moment.


There was my order, clockwise from the front:
FRIJOLES CHARROS CON QUESO – refried cowboy beans with mexican cheese
DE LENGUA -braised pemberton meadows beef tongue
POLLO CON MOLE – maple hills chicken with chocolate mole sauce 


They were all tasty. The chicken mole was a bit sweeter than I remembered having it last time at the Hastings location. But it’s still very good.


This was what my tacos looked like after I dressed them with different salsa sauces. I personally really like the pickled onion and I was happy that it was available on the counter of condiments.


G ordered the beef tongue (left) and: 
(top) DE PICADILLO – sautéed ground tofu in chin chin’s secret recipe
(right) PESCADO – grilled seasonal fish with pico de gallo


She was really impressed with the tofu taco because it’s flavorful and tender which almost fool her as another meat taco. She enjoyed her food and was happy with her first visit at La Taqueria. Actually, these small tacos had so much topping that some splashed onto the floor while G was eating them. LOL

This location has nice bright standing bar tables for a quick meal. There were a few seats at the south side. It’s ran like a fast food restaurant but they serve way better quality food. The staffs were very friendly and they will explain the menu to you. They also called your name when the order was ready and brought them over to wherever you were standing/sitting.  Water and plastic tumblers were available on the counters for those who are not into juice or Jarritos, Mexican soda pop. A lot of people came for takeout too. 🙂


Since I noticed that I forgot to snap a picture of the exterior, I took this picture after I returned from our movie.

I will frequent this location as a quick light meal option in this area. And it’s a major transit hub for me. 🙂

La Taqueria Taco Shop on Urbanspoon


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