Elysian Coffee

Elyisan Coffee (and The Elysian Room) is one of my favorite cafes.  I was near Cambie and Broadway on this early Sunday morning (before 8 a.m.) and found out that Elysian Coffee was actually open daily at 7 a.m.!

So before my ride on the Broadway bus, I went in for a quick bite and some good coffee. The little cafe was filled with smell of freshly baked goodies: vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, banana, egg …etc. They were busy preparing for their freshly baked muffins. Looking at the selection that day, I picked a Ginger Carrot Muffin and an Americano.


The ginger carrot muffin had candied ginger and lots of shredded carrot. The top was ultra crunchy. The slight sweetness of it almost made me think that I was having a sinful dessert. But it’s a yummy muffin for my breakfast instead. 🙂 The centre was moist and soft. ammm….


My Americano was as strong, smooth, rich and addictive as always at Elysian.

I fully enjoyed my little pleasure before I rushed across the street for my bus ride to the Sunday group run!

Update: Another nice Americano I had last Sunday, July 31 🙂

Elysian Coffee on Urbanspoon


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