Golden Onion – Korean Restaurant near Coquitlam Centre

Aug 1, Monday – Sunny

Golden Onion is now closed down.

It was a relaxing BC Day holiday and we drove to Coquitlam to meet up with our friend, A, who runs a baby store there. We did some private shopping after the store was close :P. A drove us to a near by Korean restaurant that he likes. It’s Golden Onion, a Korean-Chinese fusion restaurant.

Similar to Japanese food, a lot of Korean food was an adaptation and modification of food from some other part of the world (if you don’t know Korean curry is another example). There are a few typical Korean “Chinese” dishes that are available in many Korean restaurants, e.g. Jajangmyeon  (noodles served in black bean paste), Tangsuyuk (Koreanized version of sweet and sour pork), Jjamppong (spicy noodle soup). Most of us who had these dishes before considered them as Korean food.

Upon arrival, I was totally surprised by how nice the decor of this restaurant.

cool wallpaper

My friend already told me that this place isn’t usually busy but that day it was almost half full! There was just 1 waitress and she was extremely busy. We weren’t in a hurry so we just took our time. A, being a regular there, ordered the food. We had 3 “hot pot” dishes and 1 fried dumplings. Their lunch special looked good as well. Continue reading “Golden Onion – Korean Restaurant near Coquitlam Centre”


Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner

July 11, Monday – Sunny

I impulsively invited my friend to this LTS dinner at Irish Heather and within 2 days 12 of us decided to join! 🙂

Before going into the LTS dining area, we waited at the bar and shared an order of fries and I tried a black and tan (Guinness with Philips Blue Buck Ale) which was interesting but I prefer to drink the two beer separately. 🙂

Frankly, it had been over a month from this dinner and I didn’t remember all the food in details. The Blood Alley Bitter was good but not very memorable. The lamb main dish was very tender and gamey as lamb should be. The sauce was just seasoned right. The vegetables that came with the dish was sweet and very fresh. Desserts that we all ordered in addition to our LTS meal were very good. I loved my panna cotta! Smooth, creamy, perfect sweetness… amm…. I can sure dig into one now. I didn’t remember trying the apple bread pudding but D loved it and finished it up quickly.  Continue reading “Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner”

La Regalade

A Friday evening in June

We dropped by MC’s place to do some prep work for D’s car project the next day. And MC suggested dinner together with two of his friends. We tried Les Faux Bourgeois and no luck to get a table for 5 at the prime dinner hour on a Friday evening. MC really wanted something French and suggested La Regalade in West Vancouver. So off we went driving across the bridge to the North Shore.

Upon arrival, I was totally drawn by the display of dessert at the front of the restaurant. My head was totally turned to the dessert while walking down to our table.

The server quickly brought over a small chalk board with the daily Tasting Menu on it. After studying the full menu and a short struggle. We decided to go for the Tasting Menu (everyone on the table has to order it).

Dinner first started with a Tomato & Pepper Gazpacho – a cold tomato based raw vegetable soup. The presence of red pepper added peppery sweetness to the refreshing cold soup.

After the gazpacho, the rest of the appetizers kept coming. Our table quickly get filled up with food!

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Phnom Penh – revisit before a concert

July 9, Saturday – Sunny

I went to Phnom Penh again with 3 friends before a concert. It’s as busy as usual and we waited more than half an hour for our table. But we had a good time chatting and waiting outside. The weather was so nice outside that we were not in a rush to go in.

We ordered same signature dishes.

Deep fried Chicken Wings were as good as always.

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Mis Trucos and La Belle Patate

April 27, Wednesday – rainy

I should have written about this dinner at Mis Trucos earlier. Now the detail of this dinner had fated but I still remember it as very tasty and creative food. I got a dining coupon for a 6 courses tasting menu for 2 people. Before I purchased the coupon, I actually had dinner there with my friend S. The experience was great (both food and service) but the portion was small which was fine with me and S. So I wasn’t sure if D would like to eat at Mis Trucos, a Mediterranean style tapas bar. I had planned a second part of the dinner in case D needed more food after.

We arrived at the small house/restaurant and told the server about our reservation (and the coupon which was noted when the reservation was made). We also told her about D’s allergy and they were very careful and very accommodating to it.

We both ordered the Big block ale from Red Truck which we tried again later on at the BC Craft Beer Festival.


The first course was different for me and D. I got a crispy roll with shrimp inside and an aioli  dip. I believed the roll was made from toast or bread. It’s a nice light starter of the meal.

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