Mis Trucos and La Belle Patate

April 27, Wednesday – rainy

I should have written about this dinner at Mis Trucos earlier. Now the detail of this dinner had fated but I still remember it as very tasty and creative food. I got a dining coupon for a 6 courses tasting menu for 2 people. Before I purchased the coupon, I actually had dinner there with my friend S. The experience was great (both food and service) but the portion was small which was fine with me and S. So I wasn’t sure if D would like to eat at Mis Trucos, a Mediterranean style tapas bar. I had planned a second part of the dinner in case D needed more food after.

We arrived at the small house/restaurant and told the server about our reservation (and the coupon which was noted when the reservation was made). We also told her about D’s allergy and they were very careful and very accommodating to it.

We both ordered the Big block ale from Red Truck which we tried again later on at the BC Craft Beer Festival.


The first course was different for me and D. I got a crispy roll with shrimp inside and an aioli  dip. I believed the roll was made from toast or bread. It’s a nice light starter of the meal.

D got a dish with poached octopus, crisped serrano ham and the same aioli.

Both were very tasty and they were so small that I couldn’t have a taste of D’s.

Next is a seared scallop with a herb oil and vinaigrette. I ate it slowly to enjoy ever bite of my scallop. 😛

Then it’s a saffron broth with seafood and fingering potato. We had the same dish but D’s didn’t have shrimp in it.

House made pasta was a bit on the soft side but still very tasty with more of a slightly chewy texture than the al dente. The mussels and asparagus compliment the pasta well.

It took a while for our next dish to arrive but we had the whole night to spare. So we started to take pictures of the restaurant and the outside of it.

Our fifth course was a pork tenderloin (I believe slow roasted) and served with arugula. I REALLY wanted to remember how good it was BUT I cannot. 😦 I guess I have to visit Mis Trucos again to find out. It was tender and juicy but I can’t recall the sauce.

Dessert was great as well. It’s my favorite lemon tart. LOL It was very balance. Not too tart or sweet (D finished his and he cannot stand any sour food).

After the meal, I was pretty full. As I expected, D was still hungry so we headed out for our second part of the meal. I got a coupon for La Belle Patate just a few stores down on Davie. D ordered the tradition poutine in medium size and fully enjoyed it. The gravy was tasty and not insanely salty like some other. The cheese curds were perfectly half melting and  half still fresh and squeeky. I had a few bites but I was just too full to have more than that. 🙂

We saw a dog patiently waiting outside the restaurant for his owner to return from grabbing a mid-night snack before the headed home. I wonder if he got a taste of the poutine too. 😛

This was a picture take on my previous visit at La Belle Patate of a small traditional poutine and a beer. 🙂

Mis Trucos on Urbanspoon

La Belle Patate on Urbanspoon


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