Phnom Penh – revisit before a concert

July 9, Saturday – Sunny

I went to Phnom Penh again with 3 friends before a concert. It’s as busy as usual and we waited more than half an hour for our table. But we had a good time chatting and waiting outside. The weather was so nice outside that we were not in a rush to go in.

We ordered same signature dishes.

Deep fried Chicken Wings were as good as always.

Stir Fried Beef on vermicelli – this was recommended by the waitress. The beef was well marinated and it felt light with the vermicelli under. I can see myself eating this on a hot day as a salad.

Combo B – We were teasing my friend because he order this combo dish and the waitress thought he didn’t want to share with us. So every item we picked from “his” order, we asked before we attacked his dish. 😛 My favorite item of this combo is the rice roll.

Stir Fried Lotus Stems – very fragrant and had good wok sear. The lotus stems had a nice woody crisp texture. It reminded me of Japanese Burdock Root/Gobou but with a more subtle flavor. K said that this dish used to be larger. Since this is the only place we know that serves lotus stems in Vancouver, we had to order it there.

Vietnamese Crepe – We saw this dish passed by and asked the waitress about it. It looked like a huge omelet but the crepe part was actually thin, light and crunchy. It didn’t taste like it was made with any egg at all. Inside, it had some ham, pork, vermicelli and other vegetables. It went well with the dipping fish sauce vinaigrette.

We also ordered some drinks but I didn’t take any picture of them. After this long meal, we went to a near by stadium. The timing was perfect for the start of the concert. 🙂

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