La Regalade

A Friday evening in June

We dropped by MC’s place to do some prep work for D’s car project the next day. And MC suggested dinner together with two of his friends. We tried Les Faux Bourgeois and no luck to get a table for 5 at the prime dinner hour on a Friday evening. MC really wanted something French and suggested La Regalade in West Vancouver. So off we went driving across the bridge to the North Shore.

Upon arrival, I was totally drawn by the display of dessert at the front of the restaurant. My head was totally turned to the dessert while walking down to our table.

The server quickly brought over a small chalk board with the daily Tasting Menu on it. After studying the full menu and a short struggle. We decided to go for the Tasting Menu (everyone on the table has to order it).

Dinner first started with a Tomato & Pepper Gazpacho – a cold tomato based raw vegetable soup. The presence of red pepper added peppery sweetness to the refreshing cold soup.

After the gazpacho, the rest of the appetizers kept coming. Our table quickly get filled up with food!

The Baby Leek with Gribiche Sauce was amazing. The baby leek so sweet and tender and the mayonnaise-style sauce was creamy, eggy and savory. We knew that this small dish probably contained a dozen eggs or more but we didn’t care. It was YUMMY!

The Eggplant Caviar was very garlicky and smooth. I think some cumin was added in the creamy, melted eggplant. It didn’t resemble caviar at all but I think the way it’s served was similar; with crunchy thin baguette slices.

Charcuterie Maison – with Terrine and Rillettes. They were good but not very memorable.

I was really surprised by the Beet and Calamari Salad. Sweet beets and tender calamari worked like magic together.

White Beans and Prosciutto – melt in your mouth soft white beans with smoky prosciutto.

I forgot to take a picture of the most interesting dish of the night. It’s the Fennel Saffron. We were trying to figure out if that was a cold salmon dish or not. The dish looked light coral in colour and was soft and thinly sliced. It’s slightly sour like pickled but cooked to super tender with slight licorice flavor and aromatic saffron. Not everyone at the table liked it but I loved the combination. 🙂

Salmon with Piperade – Salmon was cooked to perfection and the tomato pepper piperade paired well with the salmon. I just wished that they used wild sockeye instead.

Chicken Fricassee, Citrus Couscous – I think this main dish was good but not great. The chicken was tender but a bit too salty for my liking (over seasoned). But their citrus couscous converted me!! I HATE couscous but I had second and third helpings of it. MC thought the generous amount of butter in the couscous made it extra flavorful.

Their desserts were great:

Roasted Apricot was refreshing and easy to gobble up quickly even after a big heavy meal.

I brought the Chocolate Raspberry Torte back from the dessert station. It was good but I didn’t fall in love with it. I finished it regardless! 😛

MC talked about the Floating Island before we ordered any food and asked the waiter to put one on hold. 🙂 MC generously let us tried his favorite dessert at La Regalade. It’s very nice! Light egg white meringue floating on creme anglaise, topped with sweet harden caramel and almonds. I will get my own at our next La Regalade visit!

We were totally stuff at the end (my mistake of ordering extra dessert but they were so tempting). For a $32 tasting menu (+ extra $ for additional dessert), this was a totally amazing meal. I think we ate a lot of tasty vegetables with lots of butter.

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