Golden Onion – Korean Restaurant near Coquitlam Centre

Aug 1, Monday – Sunny

Golden Onion is now closed down.

It was a relaxing BC Day holiday and we drove to Coquitlam to meet up with our friend, A, who runs a baby store there. We did some private shopping after the store was close :P. A drove us to a near by Korean restaurant that he likes. It’s Golden Onion, a Korean-Chinese fusion restaurant.

Similar to Japanese food, a lot of Korean food was an adaptation and modification of food from some other part of the world (if you don’t know Korean curry is another example). There are a few typical Korean “Chinese” dishes that are available in many Korean restaurants, e.g. Jajangmyeon  (noodles served in black bean paste), Tangsuyuk (Koreanized version of sweet and sour pork), Jjamppong (spicy noodle soup). Most of us who had these dishes before considered them as Korean food.

Upon arrival, I was totally surprised by how nice the decor of this restaurant.

cool wallpaper

My friend already told me that this place isn’t usually busy but that day it was almost half full! There was just 1 waitress and she was extremely busy. We weren’t in a hurry so we just took our time. A, being a regular there, ordered the food. We had 3 “hot pot” dishes and 1 fried dumplings. Their lunch special looked good as well.

The appetizer pickled dishes were first served.

I wouldn’t have ordered this if A didn’t. This is the spiciest among the 3 hot pot dishes and my favorite. It’s the spicy pork hot pot which is really a pork stew. The thinly sliced pork was cooked in some tangy, soy bean paste sauce that was spicy and nutty. The ingredient looked simple with just pork, green onion and onion. But it’s very addictive and you will need to eat it with steam rice! I usually eat very little rice to leave more room for other food but I kept filling my bowl with rice that day.


I love tofu, so we had to order the Soondubu jjigae (Korean soft tofu stew). It was extremely hot when it was brought to our table. The broth was very flavorful with sweetness of seafood (from the dry anchovy soup base) and was slightly spicy. There were a lot of clams, small mussels and tiny shrimps. But the real highlight of this stew was the soup base and the tofu.


The last “hot pot” we got was the beef short rib stew (Galbi Jim). Bone-in beef short ribs were braised in this sticky honey like sweet soy sauce with carrot, red dates, chestnuts and korean rice cake!  The short ribs were not tought but it’s not fall apart tender. It was still good overall. (I just wish that it’s a little bit more tender. Then it’s perfect). I love rice cake so I am not going to complain. 🙂

Last was the fried dumplings (mandoo) which was deep-fried instead of pan-fried. Luckily it wasn’t greasy and the wrap was very crispy. It had pork and some fragrant herbs inside which I liked! 🙂

I was surprised that we did finish everything among the three of us. We were extremely full and satisfy after this meal.

With the food that we got that night, I was wondering why this restaurant didn’t get much business (according to A, it’s usually really quiet). I was reading comment on Urbanspoon and found that they serve buffet on the weekends. May be the quality of food served at the buffet wasn’t consistent?

I liked the food we ordered from their regular menu. I will definitely go back when I am in the area.

Golden Onion on Urbanspoon


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