Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner

July 11, Monday – Sunny

I impulsively invited my friend to this LTS dinner at Irish Heather and within 2 days 12 of us decided to join! 🙂

Before going into the LTS dining area, we waited at the bar and shared an order of fries and I tried a black and tan (Guinness with Philips Blue Buck Ale) which was interesting but I prefer to drink the two beer separately. 🙂

Frankly, it had been over a month from this dinner and I didn’t remember all the food in details. The Blood Alley Bitter was good but not very memorable. The lamb main dish was very tender and gamey as lamb should be. The sauce was just seasoned right. The vegetables that came with the dish was sweet and very fresh. Desserts that we all ordered in addition to our LTS meal were very good. I loved my panna cotta! Smooth, creamy, perfect sweetness… amm…. I can sure dig into one now. I didn’t remember trying the apple bread pudding but D loved it and finished it up quickly. 

Blood Alley Bitter


Slow Roasted Leg Of Lamb, Gremolata, Warm New Potato Salad, Summer Carrots

Vegetarian menu of our neighbour 🙂

Someone’s birthday at LTS!

Apple bread pudding

panna cotta

We had so much fun talking within the group and to strangers sitting next to us. 🙂 We were almost the last group to leave the long table and a few of us decided to continue and ordered some drink and food.

I ordered an Irish Coffee. 🙂

My friend ordered a turkey pie and packed most of it to go but we helped her on the fries.

Irish Heather on Urbanspoon


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