Thai Basil

After my training session (I think it was tempo running) on a Wednesday evening in August, I was walking in downtown trying to find a place for dinner by myself.  I walked to Davie and suddenly remembered that Thai Basil had been on my wish list for more than a year!!! So Thai Basil it was!


I arrived at this little restaurant at Thurlow and Davie. It was an hour from closing and they were still very busy with a few tables of dine in customers but with many more takeout orders. I remembered reading about a spicy minced pork/chicken served on rice dish and couldn’t find it anywhere on the regular menu. So I tried to described it to the server and we didn’t seem to communicate. So I continue to study the menu and 2 mins after, she brought me this lunch menu with pictures! Pad Gra Prow it was! It’s actually not even on their lunch menu. It’s listed as a “also available ask the server” item. 🙂


While they prepared the Pad Gra Prow, I could smell the fragrant from the basils and chili peppers from the kitchen. A few people sneezed because of the strong spicy air filling up the restaurant.


I ordered it with pork and it was VERY tasty. The minced pork was happily stir-fried with basil (not sure if that’s holy basil or regular thai basil), chili and garlic. The salty fish sauce balanced well with hint of sweetness of sugar. It’s addictively spicy; you know in the lovely way! (It’s not insanely spicy for me but I am not sure if everyone can take this.) I kept spooning mixture of pork and rice in my mouth until I was stuffed.

I still had half of my Pad Gra Prow to take home for lunch for the next day! I wondered if people in my office will like it. Well, I will take a trip to the cafeteria and let the spicy aroma fill the room.

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