Nu – Groupon solo lunch

I got a Groupon for a 4 courses Summer Lunch at Nu and it was about to expire. By that time, a few of my friends who got the coupon had already used them. So I decided to do a solo lunch by myself; i.e. a date with myself.

Since all the outdoor tables had been taken, I was quickly sat near the patio and presented the menu below.


It looked alright. I ordered a glass of Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc. Afterall, a date isn’t a date without a little wine. 🙂


It took a while for the food to come, so I enjoyed myself by slowly sipping my glass of wine and enjoying the summer breeze. The view wasn’t bad at all.


Finally, the first “course” came. It was the Greek Salad Shooter. It looked more like an amuse-bouche served in a shot glass (I have similar ones that I got from Ikea at home) . I had a small sip of it and I shot it down like what a shooter should be drank. I couldn’t really say that I enjoyed it. The colour was funky and that’s fine as a shooter. But it tasted too clean and non-exciting. I think it’s water with cucumber, olive oil, garlic and tiny little bit of spice/chilli. I was glad that I shot it down. I wouldn’t want to sip that …


Next was the Albacore Tuna Tartare. It’s supposed to come with crisp capers (please, help me, I couldn’t find them!!), lemon, avgolemono (the light yellow creamy sauce). The portion was alright. It tasted like rare tuna tossed in some Greek style dry herb and olive oil. The tuna was a bit too soft and didn’t hold up like albacore tuna that I got from the farmers market. 😦


So… I waited quite a bit for the third course to come. It was the Roasted Oregano Chicken (orzo stuffed pepper, roasted tomato sauce, feta). The portion was bigger than expected. At that point, I had no expectation with their food. I still didn’t enjoy the chicken. It was more like a grill piece of skinless chicken (possibly dark meat) brush with olive oil and oregano. I didn’t think they used fresh herbs on it. I quickly put the chicken aside and tried my luck on the stuffed pepper.



The stuffed pepper was the best part of my lunch. The orzo stuffing with tender eggplant was well seasoned. The orzo was much better fit as stuffing than a salad that I’ve had most of the time. It went really well with the tomato sauce. It’s almost like a ratatouille with orzo. And the tiny bit of fresh dill helped to refresh this dish.


And again, a long wait before I got the dessert. I was surprised with a chocolate cake/bar because Chocolate Mousse was on the menu. I guess it’s a cake with some chocolate mousse on top. It tasted alright, a bit sweet and texture of the cake was similar to generic chocolate cake u get anywhere. The “mousse” on top wasn’t silky smooth nor had intense chocolate flavor. It was served with caramalized yala (some kind of caramel sauce?) and Greek cookie. I liked the cookie and that’s about it. This dish looked pretty but it didn’t taste as good as it looked. 🙂


I was glad that I got a nice partly outdoor sitting. I sat at that table with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the summer cool breeze for over 2 hours. (I could have ordered another glass of wine if I didn’t had a Caesar earlier (healthy breakfast?). Things came really slow. The server knew that I was dining alone so I didn’t need time for conversation in between courses with myself. I spent most of my time browsing with my iPhone and resting my tired legs after the Sunday morning run.

To me, this was a simple lesson learnt. I had been to Nu for dinners and wasn’t crazy about their food there. So getting a Groupon wasn’t really a smart move even though that looked like a good deal. The portion was bigger than I thought or wanted. But I wouldn’t have ordered the four courses menu if I’ve seen them on others’ table. Actually their brunch items looked a lot better than what I had. Well, but look can be deceiving too.

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