Little Nest – brunch for the adults

After a visit to the Trout Lake Farmers Market, I met up with G at Little Nest near Commercial Drive for brunch. It’s relatively close to the market by bus. Since I arrived a bit early, I order my very much-needed morning coffee and grabbed a seat first.


It was back in August and I need something cold after my walk from the market with my heavy grocery basket. I ordered an Ice Americano. I really love that they use the letter blocks to track their orders. “S” was my first letter.


20110927-031821.jpg 20110927-031847.jpg 20110927-031724.jpg

I was sipping my coffee and checking out the restaurant. It was definitely kids friendly. There was a play area at the back and most tables had kids. The kids were relatively well behave and though there were a few instances that they did scream, (because they didn’t want to leave the play area?!) it didn’t bother me. I was sitting alone there but I felt pretty comfortable. It’s really relaxing with my great glass of ice coffee.  I read that every thing was made from scratch at the restaurant.

Their breakfast menu looked great too!



G arrived and I had already moved to their outside table. We both ordered our dishes and sat, chatted and waited. Our letters were “L” and “P”. 🙂


G got the Brioche French Toast with nectarines, peaches and plums with cinnamon whipped mascarpone and pistachio and maple syrup. Long name but it’s an amazingly fluffy French toast with sweet spiced stone fruits. The whipped mascarpone  was extra airy and tasty. I didn’t remember it being so good before… I guess it’s the combination of all the elements.


I ordered the Little Nest Breakfast with poached eggs. Man! Those eggs were fresh and perfectly soft poached. They were served with ratatouille, organic basil pesto, baked polenta, olive tapenade and toasted baguette. The baked polenta was my favorite and the baguette came second. But without the ratatouille, pesto, tapenade and eggs to go with them, I wouldn’t have enjoyed my breakfast as much. Ammmm…. It’s a perfect summer brunch. Everything was tasty and fresh!



I think Little Nest isn’t really JUST for the little ones. They are also adult friendly. I would love to take D here for another brunch and do some little people watching. 🙂

Little Nest on Urbanspoon


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