Turducken – Social Feed at Big Lou’s

Sept 9, Friday – Sunny

Soon after the Fundraising BBQ, my friend G found out about a Social Feed event at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop. Since we had such a great experience with the people and the products from Big Lou’s, G, F and me quickly signed up for this dinner event. L acted too slow and the event was sold out…

* Featured local Brewery – Russell Brewing

We were served right away with the Blood Alley Bitter from Russell Brewing. This was not my first time tasting the Blood Alley Bitter, so I knew what I was getting into. I really enjoy the intense bitterness of this beer which was balanced by a rich, roasted, malty flavour.

But some were surprised on how strong this beer was. This beer was made with slightly higher IBU’s (50).

Next item being served was Sloping Hills Split Pea Soup – Crispy lardons, parsley oil. What is lardon?

I loved this split pea soup, it had the strong taste of “summer”. Both the bacon  and parsley oil add texture and flavour to the smooth, yet not overly thick, soup. I really liked how smoky the lardon bites were.

While waiting for the next item to be served, conversations surrounding food were flying at each end and in all directions across the table. Everyone at the table was passionate about food. I had never experience such crowd before. They joined butchering/sausage making/cooking classes, read local food news (Scout magazine is one) and forum as frequently (or even more so) as I do, fearless in experimenting out-of-your-mind recipes and love local food. I would say this dinner would be worth coming to even without the food. But wait, we all love food and it won’t be the same crowd without what would be served at the night.

Next item brought out was locally sourced charcuterie served with house pickled vegetables, jelly and mustard

And two types of bread rye and plain baguette

The Charcuterie was house made at Big Lou’s pate/rillette, salami, chorizo; except one, the prosciutto.  Big Lou’s was making their first batch of prosciutto and it wasn’t ready back in Sept. But I think they may have it available by now. Believe me, they tasted even better than they looked. My favourite of the tray was the pate/rillette on the far left. (I was sure there was duck fat involved)

ammmm….. duck fat…..

After we finished the charcuterie, the Roasted Vegetables – Seasonal asparagus, new potato, beats & carrots were served.

The star of the night was brought out soon after the vegetables. The Fraser Valley Turducken – Local polderside duck, chicken, Fraser valley turkey. I didn’t get a good shot of the sliced turducken. But there were 2 huge plates of it served for the group and there were plenty left after everyone got their share of turducken. We had fun passing around the vegetable and turducken plates.

This was my serving of Turducken and roasted vegetables. I could taste every layer of juicy meat from turkey (denser and smoother layer), duck (with the distinct duck fat) and milder chicken.

But in the middle there was MORE than just turducken. Big Lou’s stuffed their turducken with their house made sausage! I really like that touch for additional flavour and texture. The turducken was really “turduckenage”. 😛

Everyone enjoyed the feast (I can’t called that just a dinner any more) and we couldn’t finish all the turducken on the shared plate. As usual, I was too shy to take a good shot of the feed crowd and got a picture of the table after everyone left.

It was an awesome night at Big Lou’s. Who would imagine such a fun, enjoyable, heart warming evening at a butcher shop near Chinatown. I will be back for MORE Social Feed and MORE Turducken! 🙂

I copied this from the Social Feed event page of this paticular event on Sept 9, 2011:

About This Feed

Ever watched an old Rocky video late-night and fallen asleep to sweet dreams of long table dinner party’n in a meat packing plant? Well we at TSF are all about making dreams come true, and to make our fantasy a reality, we’ve teamed up with Karl @BigLou’sButcher to keep his doors open, special occasion, for a long table dinner in his shop. (Don’t worry, you won’t actually be dodging hanging meats, checkout the pictures above for the venue) Big Lou’s is about traditional European-style butchery with locally-farmed meats, and their attention to quality will be showcased with this Feed’s menu; along with Split Pea soup and roasted vegetables, they’re serving locally sourced charcuterie and turducken, not to mention it’s all paired with a complimentary Blood Alley Bitter from Russell Brewing. Boom. (View Full Menu) With a first seating (6:25) for the just off work and thirsty crowd and a second seating (8:35) for the pre-late-night shenanigans crowd, you’ve got two times to make it happen. And if you really can’t wait until Sept 9th to get your fix, check out Big Lou’s daily sandwich counter. TSF favourite = Bahn Mi.

Social Feed at Big Lou’s

6:25pm or 8:35pm on Friday, September 9th

Menu served in a social fashion where dishes come out as they are prepared and everyone grazes throughout the evening

And some notes that I found about IBU that I wanted to keep around; qouted from Wiki.

The bittering effect is less noticeable in beers with a high quantity of malt, so a higher IBU is needed in heavier beers to balance the flavor. For example, an Imperial Stout may have an IBU of 50, but will taste less bitter than an English Bitter with an IBU of 30, because the latter beer uses much less malt than the former. The technical limit for IBU’s is around 100; some have tried to surpass this number, but there is no real gauge after 100 IBUs when it comes to taste threshold. Light lagers without much bitterness will generally have 5 IBUs, while an India Pale Ale may have 100 IBUs or more.

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