Frenchies’ Classic Poutine

Oct 10, Monday – Sunny

It was Thanksgiving Day morning and I had a hair appointment in the area. Since a coworker from Quebec told me that he likes the poutine from Frenchies’ Diner, I went in for a quick bite.

The owner was very friendly, the door was open but the diner wasn’t officially open yet (it was before noon). He told me that he was bored from staying home so he decided to open the restaurant and get some cooking done.




After the friendly chat with the owner, I decided on a small Classic Poutine.



The gravy was tasty but not overly salty and the fries were crispy. However, I prefer the cheese curds from La Belle Patate. They were more squeaky. I wished I can get Frenchie’s fries and La Belle’s cheese curds. As for gravy, I am still in search of one that I really like.

For Frenchies’, I think I will still go back to try out other varity of poutine when I am in the area. But I won’t make it a special trip for my poutine fix.

Here is my previous blog about La Belle Patate.
Frenchies Diner on Urbanspoon


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