Pho Han – Enjoy pho without MSG!

We were so excited when we discovered Pho Han last December. It was in Richmond and close to our home and work. There was a no MSG sign on the window and it’s another husband and wife team little germ.

Their menu is simple and covers the basic pho, vermicelli, rice plates and drinks.

D ordered his regular, large no. 17, with rare beef, well done frank and beef meat balls. I ordered something different at our first few visits and this time I ordered a small no. 15 with rare beef and tripe.

My pho had slices of rare beef hanging on the edge of the bowl. 🙂 I think it’s a nice touch to make sure the rare beef won’t be over cooked with the hot broth. I loved their clean, sweet broth that had the sweetness of beef and onion. It’s not over power with star anise  like some places. The way I described the broth to D was, it tasted more like Vancouver pho vs Richmond pho. LOL. The tripe was thinly sliced and crunchy.

D’s favorite no 17 had all the goodies he wanted. The broth was slightly fattier with the addition of frank/brisket slices. The condiments were fresh too. They never bring their bean sprouts cooked. We love to get them raw and had so much trouble telling servers at other pho places in Richmond to bring the raw sprouts.  So we were happy campers at Pho Han.

D also ordered a cold ice coffee. Coffee at Pho Han is served prepared. You don’t get the dripping coffee maker and don’t get to watch every drop of coffee falling in the glass in front of you. But you get a very good strong Vietnamese coffee served ready for you without going through the mess.

Since then, we became a regular there. D loves pho. He can eat it everyday but he doesn’t get to do that. We visit this little place almost once every week.

They recently removed the no MSG sign from their window and D asked the husband who runs the restaurant front (wife runs the kitchen). He said that their broth is still MSG free but it’s hard to keep all the sauces MSG free as well. They don’t want to cause any problem to people who has serious allergy. Well, we never had the crazy thirst after having pho there. 🙂 And this gets me to come back again and again. In case you don’t know yet, I have a mild reaction to MSG and at a few instances, I did have to leave some restaurants because of my reaction.  I think that explains why I was SO happy for the discovery of Pho Han.

Here are some other food that I ordered at Pho Han.

Spring rolls

Bun Bo Hue

Free-range chicken, chicken meat balls and quail eggs in noodle soup. It had a very fragrant chicken base broth.

Grill chicken sandwich

I think they actually close at 9 p.m. now but they have a 15% discount for orders after 6 or 6:30 pm. 🙂
Pho Han on Urbanspoon


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