Where is the bear?

I have been struggling to close this blog or not for a while. I was unable to update my blog and I felt bad leaving it around with no update for months. So many new blogs are out there now;  may be this blog doesn’t need to be there; may be I can never blog again…

What happened to the bear?  

I was really busy but happy with lots of life changing experiences last few months. I finished my first half marathon run in Oct. I got engaged in Nov. I planned my wedding and got married in January 2012! I took a trip to Hong Kong in Feb to meet D’s family and had our banquet.

Then in March 2012, I went blind, well, half blind.

Since then, I have been fighting with retinal detachment of my right eye. I was frustrated, depressed, painful, sick, sad. To make things harder, I was trying to limit my diet to help my recovery. So I had eliminated a lot of food from my diet: beef, lamb, duck, all shellfish, spicy food, caffeine, alcohol…etc. I rarely eat out and can’t really cook. I can’t use my camera (it’s my right eye, my camera eye…) and rarely use my laptop. All these mean a lot to me.

TODAY, I am hopefully on my slow road of recovery. (fingers crossed!) So I decided to let my friends know what’s been going on. I will keep fighting to get my vision back. And hopefully, you will see real restaurant review from me in the near future.




9 thoughts on “Where is the bear?

  1. Your friends, family and loved ones are in this together with you, all the way! Glad to hear that things are looking up. Wish you a speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you Crispy Lechonc!
      I have a lot of time that I can’t do anything else but lying on bed or sitting and waiting for my recovery. I can’t read much (very tiring), nor watch much TV and I rarely leave my little apartment. So my brain started to wonder. But you are right! I will stay positive.

  2. You and I do not know each other. I am simply someone who saw your reviews online, liked your writing and information and subscribed to your blog and posts. I read the above.
    I wanted to write here that you have well wishers out there. As well, do not forget that you have the gift of expression, determination, power to adapt and most importantly (from what you wrote above) someone that loves you and has picked you as a life-time partner.
    To me, it sounds like you are already ahead of so much of the population. Don’t forget that.
    I hope you would update us with restaurant reviews, but also with your health and experience. That way we also know you are getting better.
    But most importantly, take care of yourself and do not forget how you are ahead of so many others in this world already.
    Ali – Toronto

    1. Thank you Ali!!
      Your reply mean so much to me! I know that I am already a lucky person being so loved and cared by friends and family. And most importantly being alive. I will update this blog when I know what’s going on.
      Quote that a friend keeps reminding me: “which doesn’t kill u makes u stronger”

  3. Dear Winnie: You have a lot of internal strength & positive energy. Draw on that to get you through this. You will come out stronger in the end. Take time off from the blog to make time for you and your healing. Don’t sweat the small stuff like blogs and what not… I am speaking from experience 😉
    If you need a friend to have tea with or someone to talk to, I am here and would love that.
    Sending you lots of love,
    Trudy Ann

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