Mis Trucos and La Belle Patate

April 27, Wednesday – rainy

I should have written about this dinner at Mis Trucos earlier. Now the detail of this dinner had fated but I still remember it as very tasty and creative food. I got a dining coupon for a 6 courses tasting menu for 2 people. Before I purchased the coupon, I actually had dinner there with my friend S. The experience was great (both food and service) but the portion was small which was fine with me and S. So I wasn’t sure if D would like to eat at Mis Trucos, a Mediterranean style tapas bar. I had planned a second part of the dinner in case D needed more food after.

We arrived at the small house/restaurant and told the server about our reservation (and the coupon which was noted when the reservation was made). We also told her about D’s allergy and they were very careful and very accommodating to it.

We both ordered the Big block ale from Red Truck which we tried again later on at the BC Craft Beer Festival.


The first course was different for me and D. I got a crispy roll with shrimp inside and an aioli  dip. I believed the roll was made from toast or bread. It’s a nice light starter of the meal.

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Seasons in the Park – Sister’s birthday lunch

April 25, Monday – Rainy

It was my sister’s birthday. She didn’t want to deal with dining out with her baby and toddler. So we decided to have lunch at Seasons in the Park. It’s a very kid friendly place. There were lots of family enjoying their brunch. All the main courses were tasty and the pricing was reasonable. Valet parking right in front of the restaurant was almost the same as meters ($4). The dining area had a nice view of Vancouver even in the rain.

My sister’s Salmon Burger.

Salmon burger

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Cafe de l’Orangerie – Western influenced Japanese food


April 9, Saturday – Cloudy

My sister and her family were visiting me from Japan. One of the kids was a fussy eater (just like many other kids around). We decided to take them to Cafe de l’Orangerie, a restaurant serving yoshoku cuisine, so she could have something that she is more familiar with.  Yoshoku is Western-influenced cooking orginated during the Meiji Restoration in Japan. You typically see spaghetti, hamburgar, stew…etc on the menu which seem western but actually have a Japanese “twist” to them.

Cafe de l’Orangerie is a small restaurant at the south end of Granville Street. I found out about it from my friends (yellow tiger). It’s in a tiny stripmall with only a few other businesses and they didn’t seem busy. So parking wasn’t a problem for us. We quickly settled down and ordered.
Since it’s a cafe, I ordered an Americano (and I need a coffee to deal with the kids @@).
It’s pretty good, strong and smooth with a slight acidic undertone. (So D didn’t like it! LOL) It’s not as rich/full body as Italian espresso. But I like it regardless.

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