Mondo Burger Bar

It was a sunny day in July. And we decided to go to Steveston for a late lunch. It’s been too long since we had the burgers so I will just post the photos with brief comment here.

D ordered Organic burger.

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Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner

July 11, Monday – Sunny

I impulsively invited my friend to this LTS dinner at Irish Heather and within 2 days 12 of us decided to join! 🙂

Before going into the LTS dining area, we waited at the bar and shared an order of fries and I tried a black and tan (Guinness with Philips Blue Buck Ale) which was interesting but I prefer to drink the two beer separately. 🙂

Frankly, it had been over a month from this dinner and I didn’t remember all the food in details. The Blood Alley Bitter was good but not very memorable. The lamb main dish was very tender and gamey as lamb should be. The sauce was just seasoned right. The vegetables that came with the dish was sweet and very fresh. Desserts that we all ordered in addition to our LTS meal were very good. I loved my panna cotta! Smooth, creamy, perfect sweetness… amm…. I can sure dig into one now. I didn’t remember trying the apple bread pudding but D loved it and finished it up quickly.  Continue reading “Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner”

Phnom Penh – revisit before a concert

July 9, Saturday – Sunny

I went to Phnom Penh again with 3 friends before a concert. It’s as busy as usual and we waited more than half an hour for our table. But we had a good time chatting and waiting outside. The weather was so nice outside that we were not in a rush to go in.

We ordered same signature dishes.

Deep fried Chicken Wings were as good as always.

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Granville Island snacks – Lee’s Donuts, Agro Cafe, Terra Breads

I think this can be an on going post. 🙂 I am at Granville Island almost every Sunday this summer. So from time to time, I was there hungry and trying to grab a quick bite. The following were just a few of them.

Lee’s Donuts:


I tried the French donuts and it’s just like a honey cruller from Timmy’s. It’s sweet, fresh and had the light airy and yet spongy texture that a cruller should be. It tasted a bit eggy too which I liked.  I didn’t really like the sugary coating outside though. So I may try a chocolate one next time.


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La Taqueria Taco Shop on Cambie

July 19, Tuesday – Sunny

G and I were looking for a place for a quick bite before watching a movie at Fifth Avenue Cinema. Since I was taking the transit, we agreed to meet at Cambie and Broadway.

I read about La Taqueria’s new Cambie location had just had their grand opening on Monday. The lineup wasn’t long at all, so we went in and ordered our dinner.


We each ordered 3 tacos, 2 meat and 1 vegetarian. I would like to get a horchata, a sweet rice drink. But they told us that it’s not available yet. Also it’s cash only at the moment.

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